MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table Review

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MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table Review

This large, top-selling air hockey table by MD Sports can provide the type of arcade air hockey table playing experience that many serious players are looking for. This is an eighty-inch table that comes loaded with some great features including leg levelers, reinforced legs for improved stability during gameplay and an inlaid LED electronic scorer. This is a great step up from air hockey tables that are designed for kids, but it features a more compact design compared to a full-sized arcade style table.

Our Verdict
This isn’t a table for your home if you’re looking for a compact model that won’t take up much floor space. However, this two-player table features a sturdy, durable design that makes it a more popular option over full-sized tables that take up too much floor space. A great buy for families who love to play together, the space-saving design makes this model perfect for homes with a small family room. Keep on reading to learn more about this best-selling model from MD Sports.

Overview and Features

MD Sports offers air hockey tables in a variety of styles and sizes. Their latest model is not quite as large as a standard arcade style table but fits somewhere in between. Larger than tables designed for kids and older children, this two-player model provides the type of stable, fast-paced gaming experience you’ll love, at a price that’s affordable.

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

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MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table Review

  • Electronic scorer with inlaid LED lights and sound effects
  • Larger high-gloss playing surface
  • Five-inch leg levelers
  • UL certified fan
  • A true bang for the buck
  • Very sturdy


This table offers a nice compromise between air hockey tables designed for kids and true full-sized models. The setup is suitable for kids, teens, and parents. A versatile table equipped with leg levelers, playfield aprons and top rails for an improved gaming experience, this is a table the whole family will love.

Featuring the type of sturdy construction that ensures this table lasts year after year, the innovative design gives this table the type of arcade style air hockey table feel that any air hockey enthusiast can appreciate.

The table’s high gloss playing surface features stadium graphics, bright lights, and sound effects, giving it the look and feel of a traditional air hockey table. Considering its size, you’ll need to learn how to clean an air hockey table prior to use. The large playing surface should be wiped down before use in order to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from settling into the air holes.

The table is equipped with full leg panel supports complete with top rails and reinforced playfield aprons. Both features will come in handy if the adults decide to play an intense fast-paced game. The table’s design prevents it from rocking and wobbling during use.

Electronic Scorer

When you think of a traditional arcade style table, the first thing that probably comes to mind are the bright lights and sound effects. Unlike competing models in this price range, this table is loaded with a large, vivid scorer that will give any room in the home that arcade feel that most air hockey table owners are looking for.

The electronic scorer also offers stadium sound effects and bright LED lights.

Leg Levelers

The built-in five-inch leg levelers will come in handy if you have shorter family members. The table can be lowered using each of the leg levelers, since each leg can be adjusted independently. While the levelers are designed to compensate for an uneven floor, if you have smaller children then the ability to lower the table is a nice bonus.


This electronic model comes equipped with a powerful blower system at one hundred and twenty volts. While there haven’t been complaints regarding the power behind the table’s fan system, this voltage seems pretty low for a table of this size. However, the manufacturer claims the table features a top of the line blower system with a UL-certified powerful motor that blows a heavy consistent airflow throughout the surface of the table.


This table measures in at eighty inches by forty-two inches by thirty-two inches, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-five inches.



This model comes with all of the extras you need for a fun game of air hockey in the comfort of your own home. Inside the package, you’ll find a couple of pucks and two strikers. For replacements, you can order extra accessories straight from the manufacturer.


This model gives you the type of air hockey gaming experience you’ve been looking for in an affordable table for your family room. Weighing over one hundred pounds this table is not exactly portable and can easily take up a lot of space in the home.

The design itself is pretty basic compared to flashier models like the ESPN Air Hockey Game Table Indoor Arcade Gaming Set with Electronic Overhead Score System, which also comes in at four inches larger with longer leg levelers and more features and game extras. However, the ESPN model is almost twice the price of this MD Sports table. Additionally, the ESPN table has a better stability rating compared to this model. But if this table is mainly for family use, then this budget-friendly table is a better choice, especially if your home can’t accommodate a true full-sized table.

To learn more about leading models of air hockey tables on the market, be sure to visit our air hockey table buyer’s guide, where you’ll also find reviews of other best-selling tables.

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table Pros & Cons


  • Electronic scorer with inlaid LED lights and sound effects
  • Larger high-gloss playing surface
  • Five-inch leg levelers


  • Not portable
  • Can take up a lot of floor space in the home
  • Low powered blower

Conclusion and Rating

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

Air Hockey Product Rating: star rating=”5″ numeric=”yes”]

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table ReviewThe MD Sports air hockey table is the next step up from tables that are designed for older children, but it doesn’t have the same dimensions as a true arcade style air hockey table. Built tough and equipped with some great features that can add to the gaming experience, this model is everything the true air hockey enthusiast will love and more. We gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars.

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