Best Steel Tip Darts for Beginners and Pros: Full Guide!

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For many dart players, choosing the right darts can be more difficult than finding a pro-quality dartboard. That’s because the best steel tip darts for a particular player can be more a matter of personal preference, as opposed to quality. Good darts can be hard to come by and it becomes especially confusing once you dive into the sea of different models and sets out there. That’s where I come in!

I’ve been playing darts for decades, so I know exactly what to look for in a dart, such as the right weight, balance, a quality barrel, and tough flights. In this buyer’s guide, I will walk you through the different features to look for that can help you choose a set. These will be features that work with your skill level, throwing goals, and personal preference. I’ve also tested out several models and have narrowed it down to 10 sets that have what it takes to please any seasoned player.

Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that includes each of these sets, their most notable features, and their overall rating!

Steel Tip Darts Comparison Chart

Darts in
Viper Blitz
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IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set
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CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set
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Ohuhu Tip Darts
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UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts
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Wolftop Steel Tip Darts
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CUESOUL Steel Tip Darts
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Pegasus Tungsten Set
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Winsdart Steel Tip Set
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Fat Cat Predator
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Viper Blitz Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Our Rating: (5/5)

The Viper Blitz Steel-tip darts are one of the best-selling models for a few years now. And if you’re asking, yes, there are a ton of good reasons for that. For starters, they are extremely well-built. With tungsten barrels, they can remain slim while keeping a higher weight. Moreover, they have aluminum shafts with locking holes and premium flights to top everything off. And while they are quite expensive for a set of 3 darts, they still remain your safest bet if you’re looking for the best option on the market currently!

Back to the build quality of these darts, I particularly like the contoured tungsten barrel. Not only does it provide good grip but it is also very ergonomic and easy to hold. On the backside of the barrel, you can easily attach the spinster shafts. Thanks to their free-rotating technology, they suffer from fewer bounce-outs compared to other darts out there. Weight-wise, you get 4 options – 22, 24, 26, and 28 grams. While each is good for a different type of player, I suggest picking either 22 or 24 grams if you’re new to darts. The flights are also quite durable and are high-speed, allowing for faster shorts.

At the front, you have tempered steel points for each dart. They are relatively sharp and work on all types of bristle dartboards. One of the absolute best features of this set is its case. The TacTech EVA foam dart case that comes with the Viper darts follows the same build quality and is a perfect addition for someone who wants to keep his darts in proper condition. The case allows you to store the darts with their flights still on. Additionally, you have a slot for the included dart wrench, the tips, shafts, and flights.


  • Extremely well-built
  • Professional grade quality
  • Excellent for beginners and pros
  • Includes premium case
  • Tungsten barrels
  • Aluminum spinster shafts
  • Very precise
  • 4 weights to choose from


  • Very expensive
  • No color options available
  • No 30g option


In short, the Viper Blitz darts are one of the most advanced models out there and have the price tag to back up their claim. Everything from the premium shafts, flights, and barrels to the precise tips and top comfort makes these darts my favorite for this year. If your budget isn’t a huge issue, getting this particular set is going to be one of the best decisions you could make towards improving your darts game and overall accuracy!

IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set

Our Rating: (5/5)

The IgnatGames Metal Tip Darts Set is another top-seller that exceeds your expectations and saves you some money along the way. Being significantly cheaper than similar models from other brands, these 6 darts are incredibly tempting for most darts players. Also, yes, you heard me right – you get six darts here, while most other sets in this price class include only 3. And while the quality isn’t exactly on par with the best of the best, these darts are more than good enough for beginners and intermediates. For the price, you’ll hardly find something better.

These darts are stored in a large dart case that allows you to keep them safely and neatly stored. The darts weigh in at just 20 grams and feature a knurled brass barrel for improved grip that can help to sharpen your throwing skills. Regarding the weight, I personally dislike the fact that there are no other weight options just like on other premium models out there. Having a higher weight like 24-30 grams would’ve been perfect for this set.

The darts also come also equipped with O-rings which will prevent them from loosening up during use. The shafts are made out of aluminum for improved durability. This set also comes with a dart tip sharpener which will keep your darts sharp in order to minimize bounce out. This also makes the tips extremely good for harder bristle dartboards. Also included is an eBook called “35 Ways to Play Darts”. This guide includes dart scorecard templates, illustrations, and a step-by-step throwing guide that will help you improve your throwing accuracy.


  • Come with a carrying case
  • They weigh twenty grams each
  • Included training eBook
  • Decent quality
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Dart sharpener included


  • In order to fit in the case, the flights must be removed
  • Not quite on par with premium darts sets


This set includes a total of six brass steel tip darts that feature a knurled grip design for improved throwing accuracy. The included carrying case will allow you to keep your darts neatly stored away when not in use and also makes the set highly portable. The eBook will walk you through how to throw like a pro and comes with some great tips that dart players of all skill levels can take advantage of. All in all, if you’re looking for a good all-around set, you should definitely put this on your shortlist!

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Nowadays, it is hard to find a budget set of 6 darts that won’t lack decent build quality and accuracy. However, the CC-Exquisite is exactly that. It comes with a cheap price tag and performs as well as some more expensive sets out there. Moreover, you get all the needed tools and accessories you need to maintain your darts in good condition. One thing that I personally dislike here is that you don’t get a premium travel case as you would with some more expensive models. Still, if you’re looking for a cheap all-rounder, look no further!

This is a set of six darts that are made out of durable brass, for a weight of just twenty grams each. These extra-durable darts are equipped with O-rings that will prevent the darts from becoming loose over time. The kit includes twelve flights in two designs and shapes – slim and standard. The shafts are made out of aluminum and also come in two different lengths – thirty-five millimeters and forty-eight millimeters. With the set, you get 12 shafts, meaning you can swap them out if one of them gets damaged or deformed over time.

While the set doesn’t come with a carrying case, the box that it arrives in can double as a case but it won’t be anywhere near as good as some dedicated travel boxes. Another thing that I don’t like here is that you can’t choose between different weight options and you are stuck to 20Gs. While that weight is generally good for beginners, more advanced darts players prefer higher weights. Lastly, you also get a darts multi-tool and a darts sharpener.


  • Two shaft lengths
  • Two flight lengths
  • Made out of brass
  • Includes extra accessories
  • Very cheap
  • Great for beginners
  • Durable construction


  • Flights split easily
  • No weight options
  • No special traveling case


This set comes with everything the serious dart player will need, including six high-quality brass and aluminum darts, two shaft and flight options, and some great tools that will ensure your darts remain in perfect throwing condition in order to minimize bounce-outs. The different shaft and flight options will give the player the chance to experiment with different components in order to find the right balance for darts that work the best for them. All in all, if you’re on a tighter budget but still want something with good value, this has to be it!

Ohuhu Tip Darts with National Flag Flights

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Ohuhu Steel-Tip Darts are one of the cheapest darts on this list. However, not all darts need to be very expensive. If you own a club or are now starting to learn darts, having cheaper accessories will serve you well. With cheaper sets, you don’t have to worry about breaking them or them getting damaged over time since they are cheap to replace. As you learn the ropes with these simplistic darts, you can move on to a more expensive set.

These darts by Ohuhu feature a high-quality design complete with copper-covered barrels and shafts that are made out of PVC. The copper barrel’s skid-proof grain provides a firmer grip on the barrel, allowing for improved shot accuracy. The body of the dart is detachable, so swapping out parts of the dart is fast and simple.

This set also comes with three extra PVC rods for fast and convenient replacement. However, PVC isn’t the best material when it comes to darts, which is why most expensive models are almost entirely made out of different metals. Still, the plastic allows these darts to have a 12G option which is great for kids! Additionally, you can get a 24G set which will be much more suitable for adults.

The lighter weight allows the user to steadily and easily throw dart after dart. This set includes a total of twelve darts, so you’ll also get more bang for your buck considering other sets in this price bracket often only include six darts. In other words, if you want to have fun with your guests but also want to spare your more expensive darts, these will do just fine. And thanks to the copper and stainless steel parts, these might actually surprise you with how much they can last!


  • Lightweight design
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Set of twelve
  • Low price
  • Two weight options
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Stainless steel tips


  • Not recommended for the serious dart player
  • They are prone to bounce outs
  • The flights aren’t very good


All of the materials used in these darts have their purposes. Everything is fairly well put together and also serves a purpose. The dart’s copper-covered barrels, complete with the skid-proof grain will provide the user with a firmer grip on the barrel, however, this can also be dependent on how the user holds the dart. The PVC material is durable and won’t break easily, regardless of thrower strength.

This set of twelve darts is perfect for beginners on a tight budget. The included lightweight copper-covered barrels will make these darts easier to throw, promoting the perfect arched flight that many dart throwers are looking for. These may not be pro-quality darts, due to the lighter weight, but they’re a great buy for new and younger players and feature the type of improved barrel grip that makes them a great teaching tool for beginners just learning how to properly throw.

UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

THe UZOPI 15-pack steel-tip darts are another cheap option that comes with enough darts for the whole family. This huge pack of darts is of decent quality and comes with plenty of spare parts and cool features. On top of all that, the darts are surprisingly agile and accurate, making them the go-to choice for beginners looking for a cheap (and big) set or bar owners that want a big enough set for 2 dartboards.

These darts feature an easy-to-grip barrel that makes them perfect for beginners. Weighing in at eighteen grams, these darts provide a strong and stable flight, regardless of how you grip them. Unfortunately, there are no other weight options available, which is a huge downside for players that like heavier darts. Still, the wide glide ergonomic flights have been specifically designed to minimize drag while increasing flight speed, making them surprisingly agile. This will provide the thrower with more control of the flight path further improving accuracy.

This set of fifteen darts comes with a dart sharpener and bonus flights that you can use in the event the original flights become damaged or loose. The dart sharpener can be used to round the tips or remove any burrs located around the tips. This is an essential part of your darts maintenance and I like the fact that you get a specific tool for that job here. The manufacturer currently offers a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and a limited one-year product warranty which is a huge plus, especially on a cheaper product. This means that you can try the set and return it if it doesn’t match your expectations.


  • Lightweight design
  • Set includes fifteen darts
  • Includes sharpener
  • Extra flights included
  • Made out of brass and aluminum
  • Great for beginners
  • Insane bang for your buck


  • Too light for some players
  • No weight options
  • No special carrying case
  • Wider barrel can make the darts difficult to grasp


These beginner-friendly darts are not pro-quality since they feature a lighter weight than what most pros prefer to use. However, the lightweight design combined with the wider barrels will give the beginner a better chance of landing throws during practice. Overall, these brass and aluminum darts are a great buy for the kids and beginners, but I would not recommend them for competition use or for the serious dart player. Either way, they are perfect if you’re on a tighter budget or simply want plenty of darts to practice with and not worry about breaking them!

Wolftop Steel Tip Darts

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Wolftop steel-tip darts are a set of unique-looking darts that come cheap and will satisfy most of your needs if you’re now entering the world of darts. They have a mediocre build quality but are surprisingly easy to throw and are excellent for people that are learning the ropes. Accuracy-wise, they can’t match the premium darts out there but are more than good enough for their price. On top of that, you also get additional flights, a dart sharpener, and rubber O-rings with your set of 15 darts. With that in mind, there is hardly any better bang for your buck out there.

These darts are equipped with aluminum shafts that work in two directions. For one, the aluminum shaft is extremely rigid and durable. Additionally, this removes some of the weight of the darts, making them quite light. In fact, they weigh 18G which is perfect for beginners. These aluminum shafts feature an anodized finish for improved durability and feature a locking hole that allows the user to use more leverage in order to tighten the shaft to the barrel. The top of the line brass-plated barrels feature deep grooves and knurling that’s been strategically placed, providing excellent gripping points that will enhance the thrower’s control.

As I mentioned earlier, with this set, you also get additional thickened flights which help with accuracy and flight trajectory. The original flights themselves aren’t of top quality so expect them to break if you bounce out. The stainless dart tips help with reducing bounce-outs but they still are nowhere near the level of some darts from brands like Viper. You also get a dart sharpener to help you maintain your darts and additional O-rings for the shafts.


  • 100%money-back guarantee
  • Set of fifteen darts
  • Includes five thickened extra flights
  • Anodized finish for improved durability
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Flights are difficult to attach
  • The build quality is average
  • No weight options
  • Not good for advanced players


These beginner-friendly darts offer an improved grip, excellent balance, and a durable design that will allow you to use these darts for years to come. The manufacturer also offers a one-hundred percent money-back guarantee, so you can return these darts for a full refund, no questions asked. They will be a great option for players of all skill levels but will be a perfect choice for beginners in need of darts with a wider base that allows them to perfect their grip and throwing technique. In summary, this is a cheap set that comes with tons of darts for you to practice without worrying too much about breaking them or having them fall to the ground!

CUESOUL 30/28/26 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Cuesoul is one of the leading brands in a lot of sports nowadays. Their products range from budget-friendly options to high-end premium picks. The professional steel-tip darts from them is one of the best set on the market and offer tons of features that make them truly unique. For starters, these darts come with 5 different weight options, more than almost any other model on the market. You can get them in 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30 grams. That versatility makes them a good option for both beginners and advanced darts players.

This particular set is made out of 95% percent tungsten, weighs in at twenty-eight grams, and is center-weighted for improved control. It includes a total of three pro-quality darts that any dart lover would be proud to own. They come complete with 11 hand-painted ring grooves and knurled barrel grips. The shafts are made out of anodized aluminum, for improved durability and better weight control. As a whole, their accuracy and trajectory are quite unique and very easy to get used to, no matter the weight you get. And while beginners might take a bit longer to get used to them, they are still a solid option to train with.

The darts come in a pretty awesome-looking carrying case that has a luxury crocodile-leather look to it.  It can house the darts with their flights still on which is pretty handy if you move around with your darts a lot. Additionally, you get spare parts in the case too, such as shafts, a sharpened, and a multi-tool.


  • Includes several extra flight options
  • 5 weight options
  • Made out of 95% tungsten
  • Pro-quality
  • Ideal for all darts players
  • Premium build quality


  • Fairly expensive
  • Don’t come with extra flights
  • Only 3 darts in the set


These pro-quality darts may be too pricey for the beginner, but the seasoned dart player will recognize the quality right away. The darts are perfectly weighted, come with several flight options to choose from, are made with a high percentage of tungsten, and are definitely tournament-worthy. This set is a great investment for the serious dart player in search of darts they can rely on. In other words, if you can spare the cash, this is one of your best options currently on the market!

Pegasus Tungsten Steel Darts Set

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you are interested in darts, chances are that you’ve heard of the brand RedDragon. They are some of the leaders in darts equipment and sponsor some of the best darts players in the world right now. Their Pegasus tungsten steel darts set is one of the best sets money can buy and we aren’t even talking about a lot of money. Compared to other models from brands like Viper and Cuesoul, these are actually a bargain and according to most players, these behave better mid-flight and suffer from fewer bounce-outs.

Despite their stellar performance, one of the best features of these darts is their look. They come with black, white, and red colors all over them. The tungsten barrels are superbly crafted with black rings in them. They are followed by black and red dragon stems made out of aluminum. Everything culminates with the black and white flights at the back. Weight-wise, these come in all the standard weights from 20 to 30. However, they also include an additional weight of 21G which is quite rare on the market but is perfect for some players.

In terms of their performance, there isn’t a single thing that I’d want more from these. They fly well, are easy to master, and have very predictable trajectories. The darts come with an elegant carrying case similar to most other RedDragon products. You also get two sets of flights – one black and one white which is handly when the time comes to start swapping parts. In terms of wear and tear, these handle it pretty well and will serve you well for years to come!


  • Great long-term durability
  • Very good bang for the buck
  • Come with spare flights
  • Unique RedDragon design
  • Premium build quality
  • 6 weight options
  • Ideal for all players
  • Come with a carrying case


  • A bit expensive compared to mid-tier models
  • Not a lot of spare parts or tools


If I had to sum up these darts in a few sentences I’d say that they are everything a darts player might need. Granted, the professionals will each have their own taste for barrel diameters, materials, grips, and weights. However, if you’re looking for a good all-rounder, there are a few models out there currently that can compete with the RedDragon Pegasus tungsten darts, especially at that price!

Winsdart Steel Tip Darts Set

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Winsdart steel-tip darts is a huge set that offers everything a beginner would need. It comes with 12 darts with steel barrels and tons of additional flights and shafts. It also comes in an elegant box along with some pretty handy accessories inside. If you’re looking for something for your game room that won’t break the bank and will be fairly good, this set checks most boxes I can think of.

The whole set actually contains a ton of stuff so let’s go through it all together. For starters, there are 12 darts. Each of those darts weighs 22 grams. Additionally, there are 2 color options for the flights with each flight design getting 9 flights. So, in total, you get 18 flights for your set. Moving on to the shafts, you get 12 plastic shafts. All of those additional accessories will help you maintain your set like new for quite some time, which further adds to its value.

Along with everything, you get a dart sharpened and a case to carry all of your darts in. And if all of that didn’t make up your mind on whether or not you should get these, I don’t know what more to add! The darts also come in 3 types, depending on their flights. You get A, B, and C variants which all basically differ in their flights and barrel design. Weight-wise, they all weigh 22 grams which is a notable downside in my book, at least for more advanced players.


  • 12 darts in the set
  • Great gift idea for darts players
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Plenty of spare parts
  • Comes with a box and a sharpener
  • The barrels are easy to grip


  • No weight options
  • The quality isn’t stellar
  • The plastic shafts are prone to warping over time


There are countless large darts sets out there but very few of them come with the quality that the Winsdart darts set brings to the table. Not only do you get a ton of darts inside, but you get spare parts for each of them along with additional accessories that will make owning these darts much easier. In short, if you want a huge set with everything needed inside, this should be exactly what you’re looking for!

Fat Cat Predator Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Our Rating: (4/5)

Fat Cat is a well-known brand in the darts world and they usually make some of the best products for their price. However, their Predator series hasn’t impressed me much this year, which is why I am giving them the honorable last place on my top 10 list. They are, naturally, good darts. However, they do lack a bit in almost every single segment, especially when I put them side by side with some of the giants in the industry. Still, for what it’s worth, you can’t go wrong getting this set. My point is that you can get something better within this same price class.

When it comes to the build quality, these darts use tungsten steel. Unlike more expensive models, these use only 80% tungsten as opposed to 90-95%. This won’t have a noticeable difference in the performance for beginners but becomes obvious for more advanced darts players. Most of the difference is in the control of the darts and their weight distribution. Speaking of weight, these only come in a single rather unusual weight – 23 grams. This is yet another downside that I don’t particularly like in any of the sets I’ve talked about so far. The barrels have knurled bands and deep grooves and rings. All that helps with grip but the design is really similar to some much cheaper darts out there.

Luckily, the shafts are of much better quality. Their diamond-cut construction has locking holes that allow you to fit them much tighter into the shaft. This ensures that they don’t move too much and improves stability. It also removes the need to tighten your darts during a game. In your set, you get 3 darts, additional convex nylon shafts, more flights, protectors for these flights, and a dart tool. You also get a carrying case which is always a nice thing to have.


  • Good for intermediates
  • Decent quality
  • Tungsten barrels
  • You get exra accessories
  • The darts come with a case


  • Only come in one weight
  • Not a very good bang for your buck
  • The carrying case isn’t of good quality
  • Their consistency isn’t great


While there are certainly some things that I don’t like about these darts, they do have their redeeming qualities. Thanks to their build quality and extra accessories I’ve included them in my list, albeit in the last spot. After all, Fat Cat is truly a brand known to always deliver, no matter if the price isn’t exactly right. If you don’t have better options in this price class, I’d consider these!

Steel Tip Dart Buyer’s Guide

There are no real rules when it comes to the darts themselves. Choosing the right type can be a matter of user preference and what feels comfortable. Even a good dart player won’t be able to consistently hit the bullseye if they’re not using a good set of darts.

Low-priced darts are not balanced correctly, fall apart within a matter of weeks, or constantly bounce off the board. Since there are hundreds of sets of darts to choose from, finding the one set that has what it takes to bring your dart game to the next level can seem impossible. But if you know what features to look for and how to quickly dismiss a low-quality set, then you can quickly narrow down your choices and find a set that’s perfect for your skill level and throwing needs.

Features to Look For

If you’re new to the game, then you may not even know about the different types of features darts have to offer. So, what should you look for in a high-quality set of steel tip darts? These are some of the areas on which you should focus:

  • Weight
  • Shape and length
  • Grip
  • Material
  • Shaft
  • Flight
  • Build Quality & Durability
  • Price

As you can see, there are many features that you’ll want to consider before you order the first set of affordable darts you come across online. The darts you use can have a major impact on your throwing quality and accuracy, which is why it’s so important to find a set that works well with your specific throwing style and playing needs.

Now, I’ll start off by going over the importance of dart weight and how it can impact your throwing style.


three darts in bulls eye

Ask any dart player what’s the first thing you should look for in a set of darts and they’ll say the weight. The weight is one of the most important factors and it’s going to be directly related to the angle and strength of your throw.

Darts with more weight to them need more power to throw, but they usually fly straighter. Lighter darts will offer more of an arch. Most players find that a dart that weighs around eighteen grams is a perfect fit. When practicing dart drills, it’s important to use darts that are the right weight since the wrong weight can easily throw off your accuracy. Additionally, if you use darts for practice that are lighter than the darts you normally use in a competition or at your local bar, it can also have a negative impact on your throwing accuracy.

Shape and Length

The shape and length of the dart should complement the player’s grip type. If a player rests their finger on the point then they’ll need darts that come with longer points. Players that only use a couple of fingers to grip the dart won’t need to worry about the length of the barrel.


The right grip texture on a dart will depend on how the player grips and releases the darts. Some models will feature fine grooves cut at an angle or heavy knurling. But what’s really important is that the dart has the right grip when you hold it. If the dart is held at the front, then knurling placed at the back won’t matter much.


Most players are looking for darts that feature a high content of tungsten content. Tungsten is a very dense material that many high-quality darts are made out of. This material allows the manufacturers to make the darts much thinner, while still allowing them to maintain their weight.

A thinner dart means tighter groupings, which can result in higher scores. If you want a fatter, larger dart, you can find those too. Darts are also made out of brass or nickel if you want to throw thicker darts.


Just like the barrel, the shaft of the dart can be made out of several different types of materials. The most common type of materials used for the shaft includes nylon, plastic, and aluminum.

Models that come equipped with shafts that are made out of aluminum are typically used with top-of-the-line darts that are made out of tungsten. The length of the shafts will also vary. Shorter shafts will move the center of gravity towards the barrel’s front end. Because of this, darts with shorter shafts perform better with a barrel design that’s front-loaded.


Darts in a dartboard

The flights at the end of the darts are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses, designs, and colors. Some of the most common shapes include arrowhead, slim, teardrop, pear-shaped, kite-shaped, and the standard dart flight shape. The stand flights feature more surface area, which can help in terms of steadiness and stability.

For most people, a standard shape is a way to go since it helps to guide the dart’s natural arc instead of the dart simply cutting through the air. It also minimizes wobbling and ensures an easier straight throw. This type of flight, and other shapes that feature a larger surface area, also tend to pair well with longer shafts with either center-loaded or rear-loaded barrel shapes.

In most cases, a small flight results in unsteady or wobbly throws. I recommend sticking with a standard flight when you’re shopping for a high-quality steel tip dart.

Dart flights also tend to differ in weight and thickness. However, these differences will usually boil down to a few grams.

Unless you’re very particular about the speed of a flight, then don’t worry about the weight or thickness. The perfect dart for you will feature a good balance, the right shaft length, dart shape, and high-quality material. In addition to the dart’s overall weight. Once you find a dart that offers the best combination of weight, shape, and grip, then stick with it.

Build Quality & Durability

The build quality of your darts is going to be one of the most important factors when it comes to their longevity and performance. Darts that have solid flights, barrels, and tips, will typically last much longer. Moreover, they will be much more consistent over the long run, which is why spending a little extra for a premium set is always going to be a good idea.

Another thing to consider is that darts don’t always hit the bristle board. Sometimes, there can be bounce-outs. Also, you can hit the wall around the dartboard which will be tough for the dart’s tip unless you have a backboard. That’s why durability plays a major role in every purchase decision. Trust me, nothing hurts more than breaking a dart out of your favorite tournament set. Replacement parts aren’t always available and sometimes you will have to simply get a new set if you want a specific number of darts (6, 12, or other).

With all that being said, the build quality of any given set is very hard to determine over the internet. Reviews are sometimes biased and you will have to rely on your own research. The surest way to know that a set is built well is to get it from a reputable brand. Sure, there are some unknown smaller companies out there that produce superb darts but the big players have been consistent over the past few decades. These are brands like IgnatGames, Cuesoul, Pegasus, Centaur, Viper, Bottelsen, and others.


In general, darts isn’t one of the most expensive hobbies. However, if you start going overboard, you can easily top your budget with just a few accessories. The darts themselves are some of the most expensive items in darts and for a very good reason – they are the extension of your hand. A good dart will be better balanced, more durable, and will have a much more consistent fly path that you can get used to and train with.

Cheaper darts usually cost a few dollars each, although more expensive models like the ones from Viper I reviewed can set you back all the way up to 20 dollars a piece. These more expensive sets, however, will come with a professional case and some spare parts in case something goes wrong further down the road. All in all, if you want to save money on your gear, don’t save from darts!

Steel-tipped vs Soft-tipped darts

Soft tip darts have gained in popularity in recent years, for commercial use and in homes. But why?

For starters, these darts are safer to use compared to steel tip darts. They’re also compatible with electronic dartboards, which offer multiplayer features and a variety of game options. However, many dart players have found that there’s something much more satisfying about throwing a steel dart, such as the familiar thudding sound that you’ll hear when a dart lands on its target when you’re using a bristle board. Additionally, unlike with soft tip darts, with steel, you won’t have to deal with bounce-outs quite as often.

Many dart players will also appreciate the craftsmanship and precision engineering that goes into creating steel tip darts.

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t play with both types of darts, depending on the type of board you have at home. But for most players, steel tips remain the best option.

How to Maintain Steel Tip Darts

Sharpening and cleaning your darts is something you should incorporate into your darts routine. Clean darts fly better and perform more consistently. And while most people focus solely on cleaning, sharpening the tips of your darts shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you own a high-quality set of darts then you should also own a sharpening stone. Most players mistakenly believe that their darts will stay maintained on their own, after several uses, without TLC. Keep in mind that having a sharper point on a dart isn’t the goal here. If the tip is too pointed and sharp then it’ll bounce out more often, which can severely damage the spider of your board.

Sharper points will also have burrs that can make it easy for them to get caught in the board’s fibers, whenever a dart is removed.

A sharpening stone should be used to round off the point, allowing it to set itself firmly in the board’s sisal fibers. This will decrease the amount of damage it does to the wires.

If you want to learn more about how to sharpen your darts click here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What weight should your darts have?

Generally speaking, the weight of your darts is a matter of personal preference. However, there are certain weights that just work better for most people. These are typically in the range of 22-28 grams and you will see them marked like that – 22G. For steel-tipped darts, I suggest starting with something lighter if you’re a complete beginner (around 22-24G). As you progress, work your way up the weights and see if that helps you improve your throw and accuracy.

What is the best material for a darts barrel?

This is another highly controversial topic in the world of darts. Usually, most barrels are made out of Brass because it is cheap, durable, and can be shaped easily. Still, more expensive models use aluminum and tungsten. Tungsten can be found on the most expensive darts simply because it has a very good weight ratio and it is extremely durable in the long run without weighing too much. Another factor to consider is how easy it is to maintain the metal. Again, tungsten is extremely easy to clean unlike other metals like copper or iron.

Do you need a case for your darts?

Whether or not you need a case depends on where you store your darts. Most dartboard cabinets come with built-in storage options which allow you to put the darts in there when closing the cabinet. But if you’re frequently going out with your darts or participating in tournaments, you will definitely need a case that will protect them from the elements. Hard-shell cases do the best job because they keep the darts’ flights intact.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve read this buyer’s guide, then you’ll have a good foundation for finding the best steel tip darts for you that meet your budget and playing style, and throwing goals. If possible, try out a couple of different types of darts including darts that feature different weights, materials, barrel designs, and shaft lengths.

Once you find the perfect set and darts that feel comfortable, you’ll notice that your shooting accuracy improves significantly. Using the right darts can be a total gamechanger and one that can take your shooting accuracy to the next level. The six sets included in my best-of list each offer some great features that both the beginners and pros will love, so I’m confident that you’ll find the perfect set right here, for a price that’s affordable.