Best Air Hockey Tables For Your Kids – Our Top 10 Choices For 2022!

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The Best Air Hockey Tables For Your Kids - Our Top 5 Choices For This Year

With arcade games getting more and more popular, people now love having all of their favorite games in the comfort of their own homes. Air hockey has been a game that can now be found in almost any game room. Finding the best air hockey table for your kids, however, isn’t going to be easy. There are countless models all varying in size, price, performance, and other features. So, which one to pick and what to look for in a good model?

In this buyer’s guide, I will walk you through my favorite models for 2022 and then give you a quick rundown of all the features that you should focus on when shopping for a new air hockey table for your kids! First, let’s start with a brief comparison chart between all the models that we’ll look into…

Top Air Hockey Tables For Kids Comparison Chart

AccessoriesOur Rating
Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED
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40 lbs54x27x312 paddles
1 puck
Sport Squad HX40
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10 lbs40x20x52 paddles
2 pucks
Rally and Roar Tabletop
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14 lbs40x20x92 paddles
2 pucks
Playcraft Sport Table
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18 lbs42x23.2x42 paddles
2 pucks
Harvil Air Hockey Game
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37 lbs51x27x4.92 paddles
2 pucks
Goplus Air Hockey Table
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17 lbs42x12x212 paddles
2 pucks
Harvil Air Hockey Table
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44 lbs60x26x312 paddles
2 pucks
Hathaway Rapid Fire
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28 lbs42x20x282 paddles
2 pucks
2 hockey sticks
2 hockey balls
1 soccer ball
Portzon Air Hockey
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10 lbs28x15x4.32 paddles
2 pucks
GYMAX Air Hockey Table
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30 lbs54x27x322 paddles
2 pucks

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

Our Rating: (5/5)

The Triumph Fire ‘n Ice air hockey table is one of the best-sellers this season and there are quite a few very good reasons for that. First and foremost, the table is quite affordable for the features it has. Secondly, it is medium-sized which allows it to be played by both younger and older kids, as well as adults. Smaller air hockey tables actually have quite a lot of advantages. They are more practical, easier to install and move around and have a faster pace of play, allowing for action-packed games.

The Fire ‘n Ice’s build quality is leading in this price class, although you shouldn’t expect it to impress you, especially when compared to more expensive and larger air hockey tables. Still, it is more than good enough for kids to play and lean on the table. The legs are sturdy and there are cross braces on each corner to help with the table’s stability. With a weight of around 40 lbs when assembled, it is easy to move and installation won’t require additional help from other people. There is an option for expert assembly upon delivery but that isn’t needed as the table’s setup process is pretty straightforward.

On each corner, there are light-up bars that turn on once a goal is scored. On the side, there are two LED displays for scoring. Additionally, you get abacus scoring systems above each goal. One thing that I really like is that the pucks and paddles also light up which makes for some cool visuals. Speaking of that, you get two of these light-up paddles and one light-up pick with your table. As a whole, if you’re looking for a decently priced air hockey table for your kids, this one must be on top of your shortlist!


  • Great value
  • Decent size for younger and older kids
  • Fast pace of play
  • Comes with light-up pucks and paddles
  • Easy to install and move around
  • LED scoring displays
  • Looks great


  • The motor tends to struggle over longer periods of playtime
  • Not great for adults
  • Build quality is mediocre

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re looking for something even smaller and more compact, then a tabletop air hockey table might be just the right thing for you. The Sport Squad HX40 offers you a few unique upsides that other air hockey tables don’t have. You can move it around very easily and it requires little to no assembly process at the beginning which makes it the perfect Christmas or birthday gift! The table can be used virtually anywhere that has a flat surface, be it on the carpet or any larger table.

The HX40 comes from the brand Joola which is famous for its ping pong tables and other sports and game accessories. It is made out primarily of plastic polymers which really reduces the weight of the whole table. Weighing at just over 10 lbs, it can be moved around by a single person while it will still remain stable when the kids play on it. Unlike other tabletop models, this one is equipped with a 12V fan that blows air through the tiny holes on the playing surface. This not only improves the flow of the puck but also makes the table feel closer to actual full-sized air hockey tables!

With the table, you get 2 plastic pucks (2″ each) and 2 paddles (2.25″ each), as well as 2 abacus scoring systems to place over each goal. The assembly process includes mounting the goals on both sides and the table is ready to be played after you plug it in. All in all, for this price, there is hardly any better option for something lightweight, portable, and fun for your kids!


  • Lightweight construction
  • Highly portable
  • Great for young kids
  • Comes with 2 pucks and 2 paddles
  • Abacus scoring systems
  • Has a 12V blower motor
  • Very easy to setup


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Can move a lot when played on a slippery surface
  • The wood frame feels cheap

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Rally and Roar Tabletop air hockey table offers a similar experience to the HX40 but is slightly better built and, therefore, slightly more expensive. The brand specializes in all sorts of arcade and sports items that range from budget to professional. This particular tabletop air hockey table is one of the best models in its niche thanks to its decent build quality and slippery playing surface.

Unlike most other tabletop models, this one is slightly higher thanks to its 4-inch legs. This makes it more comfortable if you’re playing on the ground and want to sit next to it. In addition to that, it also has a slightly larger playfield at 40×20 inches. That, combined with the 12V blower motor, creates an identical feel of a larger and more professional air hockey table that your kids will love. Speaking of kids, this won’t be a good option for an adult or a larger teenager, as it is geared more towards kids ages 5-14. The table weighs around 20 pounds making it fairly stable but also easy to move around your house.

Within the package, you will also get 2 pucks and 2 paddles. In terms of scoring, there are two LED displays at the side of the table as well as abacus scoring systems above each goal. The assembly process is quick and consists of mounting the legs, scoring displays, and goals. All in all, this is the perfect present for your kids if you’re looking to get them something highly engaging that you could join in from time to time!


  • Decently priced
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a 12V blower motor
  • Comes with pucks and paddles
  • LED scoring system
  • Fairly stable
  • Easy to move around the house


  • The motor is prone to failing
  • The legs are a weak point

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey Table

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Playcraft sports tabletop air hockey table is a great air hockey alternative for kids. It is perfectly sized for younger kids and teens and won’t cost you an arm and a leg as a full-sized air hockey table would. This makes it the ideal gift for the upcoming holidays or your kid’s birthday!

The table is 40 x 20 inches big at its playfield resulting in a fairly large surface for your kids to make various playing tricks. The different air hockey zones are painted on top of the playfield and you have four large red starting circles. On each end, there is a goal with an auto-return system for the puck and an abacus scoring system on top. Unfortunately, there isn’t a LED scoring system like on some other tabletop models.

And while that isn’t ideal, it does bring the price down a bit, making this particular model even more affordable. Inside the table, there is a UL-approved air motor that plugs into any standard outlet and blows air through the holes on the surface.

The table is made out of engineered wood and weighs approximately 18 lbs without its legs. The legs are sold separately and make the table raise its height to 26 inches, making it much more comfortable if you’re playing on the ground or on a low-sitting table. There are 2 pucks and 2 paddles that come with it which is great and won’t require you to get any extra accessories. The setup process is also fairly easy and quick and can be done by a single adult. In conclusion, this table sits around the middle of the range both in terms of price and in terms of its performance and quality.


  • Budget price
  • Easy to setup and get going
  • Comes with a UL-certified motor
  • Easy to move around
  • Sturdy
  • Can have 4 legs to make it higher
  • Slick playing surface


  • There can be some delivery issues
  • The playfield is easily damaged
  • The build quality isn’t stellar

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Kids and Adults with Electronic Scorer

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Harvil 4-foot air hockey table for kids offers a slightly different alternative to the tabletop models on this list. As its name suggests, its playfield is much larger than the ones of the smaller tabletop models. Moreover, it also sits much higher on its 4 legs, allowing it to function as a standalone air hockey table for both kids and adults. Coming from a brand with a good track record and costing as little as it does makes this table one of your top options if you’re looking for something bigger.

Both the frame and base of the table are made out of wood resulting in a sturdy construction that weighs around 40 lbs when fully assembled. Speaking of the assembly process, it is pretty straightforward. The only things you will have to work your way through are the legs and the blower motor. You can choose not to add the electronic scoring system, as there is a manual scorer above each goal. For the electronic scoring system, you will have to use AAA batteries. The goals on each side are wider than usual which prevents the puck from getting stuck during the game.

If you plan on putting this table on a carpet or any other uneven surface, there are adjustable levelers on each leg which helps with balance. The table itself is sturdy enough for kids but won’t hold the weight of adults playing on it. The table does come with 2 sets of pucks and paddles which eliminates the need for buying accessories with it. As a whole, this is a well-rounded table for people that want something longer-lasting for their kids and don’t want to spend the extra money on a full-sized air hockey table.


  • Ideal for older kids and teens
  • Great price
  • Fairly easy setup process
  • Electronic scoring system
  • Comes with pucks and paddles
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Large enough playing field


  • The blower motor isn’t very powerful
  • Not very stable
  • Not suitable for adults

Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The GoPlus Air-Powered hockey table is a tabletop version of its famous kids’ model. It comes in a practical form factor without costing too much money. However, I personally ranked it so low in my list because it does cost a little bit more than the other best-selling tabletop models on the market. It also costs more than some 4-foot tables which doesn’t look very good, especially considering its performance isn’t stellar, to begin with.

Still, this tabletop air hockey table sits a bit higher than normal which makes it more comfortable if you want to place it on the ground. There are no leg levelers, though, which makes it a bit harder to adjust on uneven surfaces such as thicker carpets. The blower motor inside provides a slow but steady airflow which helps the pucks glide faster and easier on the surface. The surface is actually slick enough on its own so the table can be played without being plugged in an outlet, however that might result in unwanted scratches if overused.

The table itself is fairly stable thanks to the positioning of the legs. It can be assembled in less than 10 minutes and it weighs less than 20 lbs, making it extremely over to move around and store when the kids aren’t playing with it.

With the table, you also get two electronic scoreboards that keep track of the score. There are also abacus scoring systems above each goal. Each goal is equipped with its own goal box that returns the puck to you once a goal is scored. All the corners are smooth which helps with child safety when the kids get a little too crazy. The table also comes with 2 pucks and felted paddles which helps reduce scratches on the surface. All in all, this is a slightly more expensive alternative to other tabletop options on the market that has flashy graphics and looks very cool but doesn’t outperform the rest of the cheaper options.


  • Great-looking design
  • Fairly sturdy
  • Comes with felted paddles and pucks
  • Has an electric blower motor
  • Easy to setup
  • Has higher legs than other tabletop models


  • More expensive than similar tabletop options
  • Not suitable for adults
  • Build quality isn’t great

Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Just like the smaller 4-foot Harvil air hockey table, this one offers a practical alternative at a bargain price. That 1-foot difference between the two tables is actually crucial when it comes to playing with the whole family. While on 4-foot tables adults are fairly limited, this one offers a bit more playing surface. This makes for some dynamic four-people games, although you will have to buy an extra pair of paddles if you plan on using this table for 4-person games. And while this still isn’t a full-sized 7 or 8-foot air hockey table, it truly brings most of the benefits of the smaller tables without compromising the fun of the larger tables too much.

Just like the smaller Harvil table, this one is surprisingly lightweight for what it is, weighing at around 45 lbs when assembled. This is both good and bad as it will be easy to set up and move around but on the other hand, it will be less stable than a heavier table. Still, regarding the setup process, there aren’t a lot of parts that you will have to connect.

Plus, there are leg levelers on each of the four corners of the table which helps with keeping it level. The table plugs into any regular outlet for its blower motor to work. When turned on, the surface is quite slippery and the puck moves fast enough for a dynamic game of air hockey. There are two LED scoreboards on the side that are powered by AAA batteries.

In the package, you get 2 paddles and 2 pucks as you normally do on all other kids’ tables. In conclusion, this is a slightly bigger and slightly more expensive table by Harvil meant for bigger kids and adults. If you’re looking for some quality family time, this table is a great middle-ground!


  • Well-priced
  • Bigger playfield
  • Easy to install
  • 2 LED scoreboards
  • Decent blower motor
  • Cool-looking graphics
  • Great for the whole family


  • Not very stable
  • The construction quality isn’t great

Hathaway Rapid Fire 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Hathaway Rapid Fire 3-in-1 multi-game table really brings something different to the table (no pun intended). It combines traditional air hockey fun with some actual hockey table play for your kids. Apart from the air hockey games, you can play on it, you also get a mini football and two hockey sticks and a puck to aim at the goalie on the side of the table. There are two targets on the goal you can aim at and this really helps break up the playtime a bit by not just playing game after game on the air hockey table but to move a bit with the sticks and ball.

The Rapid Fire is an otherwise normal air hockey table that boasts a slightly bigger playfield and sturdier construction. It isn’t a tabletop model, and it allows your kids to play on it as a standalone table. The playfield measures 42 by 20 inches which is more than good enough for kids and younger teens. There are two goals on each side with manual scoring knobs as well as two electronic scoreboards on the side of the table.

These will require 2 AAA batteries to work, while the blower motor inside works with any standard outlet. The high-output blower creates a steady stream of air on the surface which helps the pucks glide without any issue which helps create a faster pace of play for the game. There are markings on top of the playfield that help with puck and paddle positioning. Speaking of pucks and paddles, you get a set of 2 paddles and 2 pucks in the package.

The Assembly of this table is slightly harder than normal due to the goalie on the side and the sturdier leg construction. Still, it shouldn’t take one person more than an hour to fully set it up. Once set up, it weighs less than 30 lbs which makes it easy to move around your house, although it compromises its stability a bit. There are leg levelers on each leg that help with positioning the table right so that the puck doesn’t favor any particular direction. All in all, this is a slightly more expensive alternative to the smaller tabletop air hockey tables that will keep your kids engaged no matter what sport they choose to play on it!


  • Well-priced
  • Good size for kids of all ages
  • Comes with hockey sticks and a mini foosball
  • Includes pucks and paddles
  • High-output blower motor
  • Electronic scoring system


  • A bit more difficult to assemble
  • Not suitable for older teens and adults
  • Not super sturdy

Portzon Electric Air Powered Hockey

Our Rating: (4/5)

The Portzon Electric Air Powered Hockey table is a decent alternative to the more expensive 4-foot version on the market. It offers tons of practicality with its tabletop design and is surprisingly easy to set up and use. Thanks to its compact size and cheaper price tag, it also makes for a wonderful holiday or birthday present for your kids. However, there are some similar models on the market that offer just about the same level of practicality and functionality but boast an improved build quality and construction.

The overall design of the table is quite appealing to the eye as it uses natural wood colors for its base and frame. The playfield is simplistic with marked zones for the paddles. Unlike other tabletop models on the market, this one doesn’t have an electric scoring system. Instead, it uses two abacus scoring systems son both goals.

There is an auto-return setup on the goals that give you easy access to the pucks once they are in. There are rubber guards on each end for improved safety and that is as far as additional features go here. The blower motor, or should I say fan, works on batteries which is a major difference from other similar models that use electricity from an outlet. This makes this table quite portable, especially considering its smaller footprint.

With the table, you also get two pucks and two paddles, and an installation guide. All in all, this is a cheaper alternative to other tabletop models. It lacks in certain areas and cuts a few corners but it is a good table to put on your shortlist if you’re looking for a kids’ present and are on a tighter budget.


  • Simplistic design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup and move around
  • Air fan works with batteries
  • Slick playing surface
  • Abacus scoring system
  • Fairly cheap


  • No electronic scoring system
  • The build quality isn’t good
  • Not suitable for older kids and adults

GYMAX 54″ Air Hockey Table

Our Rating: (4/5)

Last on this list, and for a few good reasons, is the GYMAX 54″ air hockey table. One of the most appealing features of this table is that it actually provides plenty of playing surface that makes it suitable for older kids and adults. However, it does feel like there have been a few compromises made in its build quality and the table isn’t particularly cheap either, especially when you compare it to some of the good tabletop models. It isn’t all bad, though, as the table has plenty of cool features to make up for all that.

For starters, there are two electronic scoring displays on the side of the table. Additionally, you get abacus scoring systems above each goal on both ends of the table. With the table, you get the standard set of two pucks and two paddles, which is handy if you want to have this as a gift for your kids and don’t want to spend extra time looking for accessories. The playfield itself is slick and can work without the help of the 12V DC motor.

However, when the motor is on, performance gets quite a bump and the puck slides surprisingly well for a kids’ air hockey table. There are center markings as well as paddle positioning markings on both sides of the field which helps with game strategies.

The setup of the table involves connecting the base and legs as well as the goals and scoring displays. It is easily a one-man job and can be done in under an hour. To work properly, you will need an outlet for the motor. As a whole, this is a decent alternative if you’re looking for something bigger that will allow both kids and adults to play together.


  • Easy to install
  • Fast gameplay
  • Slick surface
  • Two electronic scoreboards
  • Abacus scoring systems
  • Fairly stable


  • Build quality is questionable
  • Not particularly cheap compared to similar models

Air Hockey Table Buyer’s Guide

If mom and dad love playing a game of air hockey, what better way to introduce their children to this fast-paced table game than buying them their very own table? These miniature compact air hockey tables come equipped with many of the same features that traditional air hockey tables offer, in a compact package that’s designed with a child’s stature in mind.

But don’t let the size of these tables fool you. Many of the major air hockey table manufacturers, the very same brands that produce arcade-quality tables, also produce a model or two that’s designed just for kids.

So, not only are these tables loaded with some great features that kids will love, but they also consist of a durable construction which means mom and dad can also play and challenge their child to a match of air hockey.

The best air hockey table for kids can be the perfect addition to any family rec room.

Purchasing your own table can provide the entire family with endless hours of entertainment, right in the comfort of your own home.

Models designed for kids are not only more affordable, but they also feature a more compact design that’s perfect for smaller players and more bells and whistles that are sure to keep your child active and engaged.

Air Hockey Table Size

One of the best air hockey tips to follow is to always first consider the size of the table and the amount of room you have to work with, before you even begin shopping around. Size matters in terms of quality and a fun experience, but players will also need a little extra room to move around. Fortunately, many models for kids feature a compact design that allows these tables to easily fit in most rooms.

Air hockey tables designed for adults are typically eight feet in length. These full-sized tables are arcade quality and often come with a higher price tag. They can also take up too much room in the home. For your average air hockey table, you normally need to set aside a space that measures in at seven feet wide by ten feet in length. If you don’t want to go with an arcade style model, air hockey tables for kids are available in a more compact design. These tables will measure in at four to seven feet in length. Kid-friendly tables can be a better choice if you don’t have the space or the budget for a full-sized model.

Air Hockey Table Styles

kid playing air hockey

If you and your family love a game of air hockey, then adding a new table to your family room is a must. Traditional, heavy-duty tables are considered more stable than models designed for kids, however, there are kid-friendly models out there that are made out of medium density fiberboard. These tables are durable enough for rough use and can easily survive a game with the kids.

Standalone Tables

In terms of features, the most important one to pay attention to is stability.

When your kids are playing air hockey, they have to lean forward to make a shot. When doing so, they’re basically putting a large amount of weight on the table. Lower-priced models may even eventually collapse under the weight, and the last thing you want is an unsafe product for your family.

Standalone models of air hockey tables are basically the same as arcade style tables, they’re just a compact version of the real deal. Many will come with the same setup and features that the arcade styles tables do.

Of course due to their size, you will need to learn how to clean an air hockey table in order to prevent a clogged up playing surface.

Tabletop Tables

The best tabletop air hockey tables can be the perfect solution if you don’t have dedicated space for a standalone model. However, a tabletop model can also be a great buy if you’re looking for a model that’s highly portable, or an air hockey table you can take along on your next family vacation.

These little models are miniature versions of arcade style air hockey tables, but they usually just measure in at two to four feet in length, have a lightweight design, and can easily fit on top of a kitchen table. They also come with a much lower price tag, so they should work for most budgets. Obviously, these tables aren’t as stable as arcade style tables or air hockey tables for kids, which is why you and the kids will need to avoid applying too much force during a game. We recommend these tables for younger children.

Leg Levelers for a More Versatile Table

Tables with leg levelers will allow the table to stand straight, improving stability, even when it’s placed on an uneven surface. Most models of air hockey tables will come with leg levelers, however, the adjustability can vary from model to model.

Power Needs

An air hockey table uses a single or dual-fan system to blow air through the holes in the playing surface. The air is what elevates the puck, causing it to float smoothly across the surface. Since air hockey tables require some juice in order to operate, tables are often powered via batteries or by electricity.

If portability is a priority and you want a model you can use when you’re camping out or another place where a power source isn’t readily available, then a battery-powered model is the way to go.

Air hockey tables that are powered by electricity obviously have fans that are much more powerful than what you’ll find in a battery-powered table. A more powerful fans can offer the type of arcade experience that most players are after.

Puck Sizes

Some models are designed more with the casual player in mind, while others are a better choice for older children with some air hockey skills.

Tables that use smaller pucks have fans that aren’t very powerful. Because the fan is weak, the puck must be smaller in order for the fan to move the puck across the table. These tables have pucks that can be difficult to replace and often require you to order spares directly from the manufacturer.

Top of the line tables designed for kids will usual use standard sized pucks.


If you’re on a tight budget, tabletop models can be the way to go. But if cost isn’t an issue, yet space still is, then a standalone air hockey table designed for kids will be a great choice.

You can easily find a decent tabletop model for under a hundred dollars, while top of the line standalone models for kids can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars up to around four hundred dollars. Obviously, you get what you pay for. Considering these tables tend to take a lot of abuse during a game, we recommend going with a model that’s not only covered by a warranty but one that’s built tough and made to handle heavy-duty use.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can you get an air hockey table for your kids?

Generally speaking, you can get an air hockey table for your kids as early as age 3. There are countless of models out there that cater to different age groups by having smaller/larger table sizes. Usually, kids start playing this game on tabletop models which are affordable and easy to store and move around. As they grow up, bigger tables begin offering more fun. Larger 6-8ft tables allow both larger kids and adults to play together without sacrificing any of the air hockey feel.

Are 6ft air hockey tables good enough?

Well, this depends on a couple of factors. For teenagers and shorter adults, 6ft air hockey tables are perfectly fine. However, if you want the full experience, I suggest getting a larger table. It will be more expensive, more difficult to assemble and move around but it will be well worth it. The reason for that is because larger tables have a much larger playing surface allowing for various tactics. Moreover, they come with stronger blower motors that allow the puck to glide better.

How long do air hockey tables last for?

Usually air hockey tables last around 7-10 years. Still, that depends on the brand of the table and its overall quality. Good tables can be maintained for quite a lot of time and their weakest link is usually the blower motor. If the motor lasts long enough, the rest of the components should have no issues keeping up.

How Air Hockey Can Keep Your Kids Active

Playing air hockey isn’t as physically demanding as playing a game of basketball, but it will keep your kids active and engaged. Playing air hockey will also help to improve hand-eye coordination, will get the blood flowing, and can even be a form of low-impact cardio during a challenging game. It can also be a great bonding experience for the whole family and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon at home on the weekends. This is why it is important to know which are the best air hockey tables for your kids and choose the right one accordingly.

The Best Air Hockey Tables For Your Kids - Our Top 5
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The Best Air Hockey Tables For Your Kids - Our Top 5
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