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Best Air Hockey Tables For Your Kids – Our Top 10 Choices For 2022!

With arcade games getting more and more popular, people now love having all of their favorite games in the comfort of their own homes. Air hockey has been a game that can now be found in almost any game room. Finding the best air hockey table for your kids, however, isn’t going to be easy. There are countless models all varying in size, price, performance, and other features. So, which one to pick and what […]

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Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table Review

As one of the most expensive air hockey tables on the market, the Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm is truly a head-turner. Mostly geared towards commercial use, it is built like a tank and can withstand hours upon hours of continuous play. Whether you want to get this for your indoor game room or you’re a bar owner who wants to entertain his customers, this is a must-have if you want the best of the best! RELATED: […]

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NHL Sting Ray Air Powered Hockey Table Review

The NHL Sting Ray Air Powered Hockey Table is one of the coolest-looking tables in this price range that uses a full-sized blower motor. It is ideal for both kids and adults and is a worthy addition to any game room out there. In this review, we will take a look at its features, how it’s designed, where its strong and weak points are, and most importantly – how it stacks up against similarly priced […]

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ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table Review

Air hockey tables come in all sorts of sizes, styles, and form factors. Some are regulation-sized, while others are geared more towards casual players and kids. With that in mind, ESPN made one of the best-selling smaller air hockey tables on the market in the face of the ESPN Sports air Hockey Game Table. It is cheap, versatile, super easy to set up, easy to maintain, and most importantly – super fun to play with! […]

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Triumph Fire ‘N Ice Air Hockey Table Review

The Fire ‘N Ice air hockey table by Triumph is feature-packed and loaded with a powerful motor, a large playing surface, and air hockey table dimensions that make it perfect for homes short on space. This model is not quite full-sized, but it’s perfect for older kids who have outgrown their tabletop air hockey table. Blue and red lights can be found throughout the table, and add to a game’s excitement, especially if the kids […]

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Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Review

If you’re not looking for a full-sized air hockey table, then a tabletop model is a great alternative and one that won’t take a major chunk out of your savings. These affordable tables are highly portable, compact, and perfect for family game night. This forty-inch model by Playcraft Sport shows us that when it comes to playing air hockey at home, you don’t always have to go big to get that arcade experience. This model […]


Portzon Electric Air Powered Hockey Review

These days, air hockey tables aren’t just designed for big kids, teens, and parents. There are some models out there that are perfect for smaller children who are just learning how to play the game. This model by Portzon is one of those tables. Despite its smaller size, it comes equipped with a great blower system and features a durable design that will ensure it doesn’t crack, chip, or break if it’s dropped. This table […]

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GYMAX 54″ Air Hockey Table Review

The Gymax air hockey table is designed for older kids, teens, and adults. This isn’t a full-sized table, but it’s large playing surface, combined with its powerful air blower system offers the same type of arcade style game play the kids love. The table itself features a fairly simply design, without any flashy lights. However, this model does come with an electronic scoreboard, pucks and strikers, and a durable design that prevents the table from […]

Goplus Air

Goplus Air Hockey Table Game For Kids Review

The Goplus air hockey table features a save-spacing design that makes it a great choice if you don’t have the room needed to accommodate a full-sized classic arcade style air hockey table. Versatile, fun, stable, and durable, this table offers an eye-catching design that, despite its small stature, will make it the focal point of any rec room. Overview and Feature Air hockey tables designed for kids need to be durable, easy to use, and […]

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Hathaway BG1157M Rapid Fire 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table Review

The BG1157M Rapid Fire multi-game table is a three in one model by Hathaway that’s perfect for kids who need more versatility and game options than a standard air hockey table can offer. The compact design combined with the multiple game options make this model one of the most popular options for air hockey tables in this price range. It may not be sturdy enough for a game with mom and dad, but if you […]

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Tabletop Air Hockey Table by Rally and Roar Review

This tabletop air hockey table by Rally and Roar is designed with portability in mind. It’s a very lightweight, compact model, that as the name implies, should be placed on top of a stable tabletop during use. This style of air hockey table works well in homes that don’t have the space to accommodate a large standalone model, and they’re also perfect for travel. Overview and Features Tabletop air hockey tables are the answer to […]

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Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Kids Review

What kid wouldn’t want an air hockey table in their family room? Fortunately, Harvil, a leader in the industry, has designed an extensive line of tables that can work for the whole family. This compact air hockey game table offers the best gaming experience for both kids and adults, in a smaller package that makes it a better option for households that aren’t large enough to accommodate a full-sized arcade style air hockey table. Enjoy […]

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Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults Review

This Harvil air hockey table for kids and adults is loaded with all the bells and whistles your family could want. The compact design allows the table to easily fit in the family rec room, but its size doesn’t take away from your child’s playing experience. If you and your kids love playing air hockey every time you hit the arcade, then they’ll love the type of playing experience this Harvil table has to offer. […]