Finger tilting a glass chess piece

Best Glass Chess Sets: Buyer’s Guide and Top 6 Sets

A chessboard is a battlefield where everything a player has learned and practiced about the game of chess is put into action, so when you finally do play, you want to play on the right board. The best glass chess sets are elegant, classic, and display-worthy. These are the boards you can proudly display in your home, but they’re functional as well. If you’re shopping for a new glass chess set, then my buyer’s guide […]

Chess tournament with a chess clock

The Best Chess Clocks: Buyer’s Guide & Top 6 Chess Clocks in 2021

These days, chess clocks are considered an integral part of playing chess. If you’re in a bad position, practicing with a chess clock and focusing on improving your time management can help you win or save your game. Chess clocks teach you all about better time management when you’re competing against another player in a tournament environment. The best chess clocks are available in both digital and analog designs. The right clock for you can […]

Chess Game

Best Chess Sets for Family Use & Competitive Play: 2021 Buyer’s Guide

The game of chess is considered one of the best games you can play to improve concentration and thinking skills. Whether played competitively or just for fun, the game of chess can challenge players of all ages and skill levels and can be a great way to cut down on screen time for the whole family. When it comes to buying the best chess sets, you should purchase one that matches your skill level and […]