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Darts Slang – The Different Terms Explained

Darts has been around as a sport for quite some time. In fact, it is one of the older sports which is why its history is rich. And with rich history and great amounts of popularity comes a high number of terms that are developed alongside the game. And while they usually vary a bit from country to country, there still is certain darts slang that is universal, and knowing it will allow you to […]

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Dartitis – What Is It And How To Overcome It?

You’ve most probably heard of “the yips” in golf players. But what if I told you that professional darts players suffer from a similar condition? It is cleverly named “Dartitis” and is a physical condition that manifests with a loss of motor control over your hand, arm, or wrist. The most obvious sign of dartitis is not being able to release the darts when you have or want to. In other words, this has the […]

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How To Clean Your Darts – Methods That Work!

One of the most overlooked aspects of darts is the maintenance that the different items require. The darts themselves are subjected to a ton of wear and tear over time. That’s why your focus should be revolving around their proper care. While the look of the darts will be the thing that deteriorates in the most obvious fashion, it is actually their performance that suffers the most if they aren’t well taken care of. This […]

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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Darts!

Darts has always been that fun activity that we all enjoy at the local bar drinking a pint. However, how would you react if I told you that there are countless health benefits of playing darts? Yes, you heard me right! That fairly static and simple bar game has tons of advantages behind it and playing it just once a week can let you reap all the possible upsides of this sport! In this article, […]

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What Are Darts Bounce-Outs And How To Prevent Them?

Playing darts is one of the best ways to have a friendly competition with your loved ones in your spare time. And while darts as a whole have a reasonably flat learning curve, bounce-outs will happen both to beginners and professionals. In this article, we will be looking at what are bounce-outs and how to prevent them. Among the most common reasons for bounce-outs are the following: Before we dive into each of these reasons, […]

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How to Sharpen Your Darts – Top Techniques & Tips!

When start playing darts more and more often, you will probably notice that, with time, the darts start doing more bounce-outs than usual. One of the main reasons for that (apart from hitting the wire) is because your darts have gotten dull. In order to prevent these bounce-outs and improve your scoring, you should keep your darts in top condition. In this article, we will learn how to sharpen your darts properly in order to […]

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Dartboard Maintenance – How To Take Care For Your Darts and Board

Playing darts is never boring and is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends. However, even though most dartboards can withstand thousands of throws, they still need some basic care to prevent them from deteriorating. Not only that, but the darts themselves are also susceptible to wear and tear and will need frequent inspections and repairs in order for them to perform at their best. The proper dartboard maintenance includes doing […]

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How to Become a Professional Darts Player – My Top Tips!

If you love darts, have your own electronic dartboard setup, you’re committed to the game and interested in learning how to become a professional dart player, keep in mind, this isn’t something you can achieve overnight. But if you practice regularly and are determined to go pro, there are some steps you can take to help you reach your goal. In this guide, I’ll go over in the process of becoming a professional darts player, […]

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The State of Darts in 2021-The PDC Line-Up & More

As many public dart events all over the world have been canceled, fans have clung to the hope that they will soon be able to see their favorite competitors at the bristle dartboard, making those impossible shots in front of a full arena. However, several of the biggest competitions were canceled last year, due to COVID restrictions. Fans, competitors, and officials are now concerned the game will never be the same. Many of the biggest […]

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Important Dart Tournaments from Across the Globe

Darts is quickly gaining in popularity, with important dart tournaments taking place in both Europe and America. Competitors can choose from soft or steel tip dart competitions. Many of these tournaments are now being televised all over the globe. The Professional Darts Corporation hosts many important tournaments that are considered major league. These are the competitions that have the highest prize amounts, with many of the leading names in darts competing to win. Competition Type […]

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Is Darts a Sport? – My Honest Take

Have you recently purchased a bristle dartboard, just started playing the game and now you’re wondering it darts a sport? Some people may not consider it a sport since it’s a common pub and bar game that’s viewed as more of a hobby, but it’s actually considered an official sport all over the globe. Like other major sports, such as basketball, baseball, and soccer, darts is governed by major organizations that oversee the rules and […]

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How to Throw Darts with Precision

You may have seen the pros throw darts and it looks unbelievably easy, however it’s a lot more difficult than most people think. If you don’t know how to throw darts and your first attempt was frustrating and unsuccessful, then this guide of throwing techniques will walk you through the process, so with practice, you can significantly improve your aim and throwing style in no time. Stance is Everything Assuming the correct stance is the […]

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Best Place to Hang a Dartboard In Your Home

Those that are new to darts often stumble upon the same problem in the beginning, and that’s trying to determine the best place to hang a dartboard. Even with the best electronic dartboard, the board must be hung in a certain way, so that the walls in the home and any surrounding furniture or décor are not susceptible to damage. So, let’s go over the different options of dartboard placement and learn about safe alternatives […]

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How to Make a Dartboard

No family room or rec room is complete without a dartboard. Learning how to make a dartboard will allow you to customize it based on who’s going to use it, playing style, and more. You can make a dartboard out of a variety of materials, however, the classic cork dartboard is by far the easiest to make, although many people prefer using a good bristle dartboard, since it provides a great playing surface. So, read […]

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Darts Scoring for Standard, Cricket, & 01 Games

Deciding how to keep score in darts will depend on the type of game you’re playing. However, there are some standard rules that you must follow in every game. Here, I’ll go over the basics of darts scoring so you can get started quickly with some of the most popular games, such as cricket and 501. Fortunately, keeping track of dart scores is a pretty straightforward process, however, if you’re playing with more than one […]

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How to Consistently Hit Bullseye in Darts

Throwing even the best steel tip darts can be very dangerous, but it can also be fun and exciting. When it comes to playing with the pros, the goal will be focused on winning the game, but in order to win you need to learn how to consistently hit the bullseye in darts. There are many throwing styles you can try out, different products that can have an impact on your performance and how well […]

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Dart Drills for Beginners

If you want to get better at darts, then practice is key. Following a routine practice session that consists of dart drills for beginners will help you stay on track, can allow you to monitor your progress, and will allow you to focus on important areas of the game that need work. When you practice throwing darts, there’s more to it than just tossing some darts at the board for an hour a day. You’re […]


Darts Rules – All You Need To Know

While many argue that darts is a game, not a sport, this tried and true pastime has become a staple in bars and pubs all over the world. Darts is a sport that’s widely played in many parts of the world, and over the decades, the darts rules have changed, turning this game into a more structured and organized sport. This sport is regulated by a couple of governing bodies, the BDO and the PDC, […]