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The Best Dartboards To Buy in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Top Models!

When it comes to games that are fun to play, engaging, and will bring out the sports spirit in just about anyone – darts is king. It is a dynamic game that can be played both professionally and casually with family and friends. Being easy to install and also quite affordable, dartboards are the centerpiece of most game rooms. In this guide, we will take a closer look at some of the best dartboards for […]


Level Up With The Best Bristle Dartboards in 2022: Epic Buyer’s Guide!

The game of darts has quickly become one of the most popular sports played at your local bar, pub, rec center, and homes all over the country. It’s easy to see why, since you don’t need to buy a lot of equipment to enjoy playing this game right in the comfort of your home. There are many types of dartboards to choose from these days, but there’s nothing quite like playing on some of the […]


Best Electronic Dart Boards on the Market: Ultimate 2022 Buyer’s Guide!

The electronic dartboard has gained popularity among all types of dart players. These boards can often be found in sports bars, clubs, amusement parks, and sports centers. However, there are also models available for home use, which can be a great addition to the family rec room or your man cave. Since their rise in popularity, there have been countless models popping up. That makes it difficult for those new to the game to find […]

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Best Dartboard Cabinets For Your Game Room: Buyer’s Guide!

There will hardly be any game room without a dartboard on its wall. However, after a few heated games, you might find damage around the dartboard. To prevent that, you can use a backboard or a much more stylish option – a cabinet. Some of the best dartboard cabinets out there look great, have room for darts and scoreboards, and will protect the wall behind them. So, how do you go about finding a cabinet […]

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The Best Dart Backboards in 2022: Full Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Creating the perfect dart-throwing environment can be crucial, especially if you’re a beginner. However, using the best dart backboards, you can protect your walls from some serious damage caused by a flyaway dart or a bounce-out. As you probably already know, beginners are more susceptible to missing their mark, so having this type of failsafe in place will be important on your way up the ladder. If you’re not sure what your options are in […]

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Get Better With The Best Dart Mats in 2022: Guide & Reviews!

Regardless of how good of a darts player you are, you’re not going to hit the bullseye every time. In order to protect your floor, you will have to use a dart mat. Apart from protection, these mats also provide you with a handy throw line which is useful if you want to join some local tournaments. Picking the best dart mats, however, can be tricky. They all appear fairly similar at first. However, there […]

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Best Dart Throw Lines in 2022: Full Buyer’s Guide and More!

The oche, also known as the dart throw line, is an essential piece of equipment for all serious darts players. There are countless types of throw lines that you can use for darts. It can be a simple sticker, a rubber line, or anything else you can use to mark the spot from which you should shoot. However, as you go up the price range, you will start seeing more high-tech models such as ones […]

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Best Steel Tip Darts for Beginners and Pros: Full Guide!

For many dart players, choosing the right darts can be more difficult than finding a pro-quality dartboard. That’s because the best steel tip darts for a particular player can be more a matter of personal preference, as opposed to quality. Good darts can be hard to come by and it becomes especially confusing once you dive into the sea of different models and sets out there. That’s where I come in! I’ve been playing darts […]


Best Magnetic Dartboards in 2022: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

While darts is a fun activity for the whole family, there is a certain risk involved with the traditional steel-tip darts. The safer alternative to that is having a magnetic dartboard. Not only will these keep your kids away from danger but will also help spark their love for darts and keep them entertained for hours! The best magnetic dartboards should be durable, lightweight, highly portable, and most importantly – accurate. One of the most […]

EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard

East Point Sports Bristle Dartboard Review

The East Point Sports bristle dartboard earned a reputation for its dense sisal fiber surface and the overall durability of the board. It’s considered one of the best dartboards for a variety of reasons, but beginners will mainly love it for its low price and the included set of high-quality darts. Seasoned players will appreciate the board’s self-healing surface, which allows you to get more life out of your board, compared to electronic dartboards that […]

fat cat mercury

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard Review

The Fat Cat Mercury electronic dartboard features a compact, durable design, an ultra-thin spider, and a wider catch ring that makes it easy to score and perfect your throwing skills. This is the best dartboard for players who are looking for an electronic model that offers a portable design, tons of games, and one that can accommodate up to eight players at once. Overview and Features Electronic dartboards offer a different playing experience, compared to […]

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Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard Review

The Winmau Blade 5 dual core dartboard is one of the best dartboards on the market and definitely a board you should use if you want to train like a pro. This model features the latest in dartboard technology, providing a significantly lower bounce out rate compared to competing models. It’s also equipped with an inner layer that offers higher compression fibers for improved durability. Overview and Features If you’re looking for a family-friendly game, […]

Viper Shot King

GLD Viper Shot King Dartboard Review

Even a great player can’t expect to hit the bull consistently without using the best dartboard. A premium dartboard can also take your skills to the next level, allowing you to train just like the pros. In my latest review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the GLD Viper Shot King dartboard. This is a sisal fiber board, which means it’s designed with durability in mind and features a surface that’s self-healing. So, if you’re […]

arachnid cricket pro

Arachnid Cricket Pro Electronic Dartboard Review

If you’re looking for the best dartboard money can buy for your game room, check out the latest board by Arachnid. The Arachnid Cricket Pro electronic dartboard offers a wide variety of features that most players are looking for, including a durable board that’s built to last and a ton of extra games. Overview and Features If you’ve decided to make the switch from your traditional sisal fiber board to an electronic dartboard, then this […]

ignat dartboard

Ignat Games Professional Dartboard Set Review

Ignat Games brings you the Ignat Games Professional Dartboard, also referred to as the Assassin Elite Pro, one of the best dartboards out there for the serious dart player. This model comes with all the bells and whistles you could want in a pro-quality bristle board, with a design that aims to help you improve your score and train like a maniac. If you’re looking for the right setup, one that can help you focus […]