Mini Fozzy Football Table Review – A Real Game Changer!

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Fozzy Game Plus Scoreboard

If you’re a fan of the National Football League or you spend every Saturday cheering for your favorite college football team, then you are going to love playing the best new table game of 2021: Mini Fozzy Football!

A combination of shuffleboard and real American football, the Mini Fozzy Football table game is portable, easy to set up, fun to play, and best of all, allows you to get your competitive juices flowing by simulating a real game of football.

This game was designed for true and casual football fans, but can be played by anyone that is looking for a cool new way to have some fun. The game is easy to transport and a blast to play when heading out to gameday tailgate parties, outdoor barbeques, family reunions, or even the beach!

Even if you’ve never played shuffleboard or don’t understand a lick about football, you will enjoy playing this game, especially with a group of people watching and cheering you on! The portable game board has the unique look of a real football field and once you have downloaded the free phone app, you can literally start playing the game after punching two buttons on your phone.

Overview & Features

Mini Fozzy Football Table Overview

Fozzy Game Board

  • Simulates real American Football
  • Best new board game of the year
  • Combination of shuffleboard and football
  • Portable game board (measures 39″ x 19.5″ x 1″)
  • Perfect for tailgates, BBQs, or game nights
  • Includes glossy game board, 7 game pieces, silicon spray, and phone holder
  • FREE Scoreboard Tracker for your smartphone
  • Only $205 – Includes $10 discount

The first thing that I want to talk about is the design of the Fozzy table…


The Fozzy Football table is designed to simulate a real style American football game, but it uses the unique gameplay of a shuffleboard game to help accomplish this. The Fozzy Football game itself includes the following pieces:

  • Fozzy Football Board
  • 6 Player Game Pieces (3 for each team)
  • One puck (the football)
  • One leveler (to ensure you are playing on a flat surface)
  • Scoreboard Tracker which uses the free app as a real-time scoreboard

The board itself displays a beautifully sleek and colorful representation of a real-life “football” field with yard lines, sidelines indicating out of bounds, Home and Away end zones, and the Fozzy Football logo at midfield.

A weighted game puck glides smoothly and effortlessly when pushed across the board and mini football player pieces give the game an authentic football feel. The phone app scoreboard looks like a real stadium scoreboard with a PA announcer and sound effects to boot!

The portable game board has the unique look of a real football field and once you have downloaded the free phone app, you can literally start playing the game by selecting “Start Game” on your phone.

Gameplay and Rules

Playing a game of Fozzy Football is fast and furious, fun and competitive, and very addictive! Many of you may remember the old paper football games that used to be played in school long before video games took over. Well let me tell you, Fozzy Football is like paper football on steroids!

From this….

Paper Football

To this!!

Fozzy Football Tailgate


Everything you need to play Fozzy Football is included with this table game once you have downloaded the free Fozzy Football phone app. The app is used to keep score, keep you informed as to where the ball is on the field, and show you how much time is left on the clock.

To play, you simply start the clock on the phone app and start running plays by sliding the puck (the football) from your end of the field down to the other end into one of the designated running or passing zones. These zones are designated with different play results on the board itself and the result is determined by where the puck lands.

Each push of the puck can allow you to pick up yards running and passing, to drive your team down the field, and ultimately to score field goals and touchdowns! Just like in real football, you get 4 downs to gain 10 yards. On fourth down, you have to decide if you are going to go for it, punt, or kick a field goal if you are in field goal range. There are even punts, penalties, sacks, interceptions, and fumbles just like you would expect to see on any football Saturday or Sunday!

As in any football game, the goal for the offense is to score touchdowns. Scoring touchdowns in Fozzy Football (worth 6 points) can be accomplished on any play by throwing a “hanger” with the puck. A hanger is when a thrown puck ends up hanging over the edge of the board without falling off. Since this can be done on any play, you are always just one play away from scoring which can keep the game competitive if you are behind.

Once you get good enough to score almost at will by throwing hangers consistently, then you can add the game player pieces to the board to make scoring and moving the ball down the field more difficult. The ability to add up to 3 player pieces to the board to “block” the offensive player throwing the puck adds a unique and fun strategy element that can even the playing field between an expert player and a beginner.

All of these features give the game a real “football-like” feel and once you start game play, the phone app scoreboard adds another level of realism with a simulated crowd, a PA announcer that sounds like he is at a real football stadium, and all of the details you would see on any football scoreboard.

The Game Board

A bright, colorful, glossy game board is the centerpiece for Fozzy Football. The board itself looks like a real football field and is set on a beautifully custom-finished, laser etched, pine wood game tray with engraved notations of “Incomplete” and “No Gain” on each end. These are the possible results if your puck slides all the way off the game board depending on whether you are running or passing the ball.

The puck catching zones are perfect for keeping the puck from flying off the board when a player slides the puck too hard and beyond the field of play.

Did you know?   There are actually 3 versions of Fozzy Football!

Mini-Fozzy Football – This is the only version currently available, but there are 2 additional versions that will be coming soon.

Port-a-Fozzy Football – Very similar to the mini version, but much bigger and can be placed on top of pool table or ping pong table to turn them into a giant Fozzy Football field!

Tournament Fozzy Football – This is the granddaddy of Fozzy Football.  A full size, stand-alone table that will soon be found in sports bars across the country! Just wait until you see how this table will take Fozzy Football to the next level of fun and strategy that is literally “built-in” to the table!

The Fozzy Football field itself is made of a high-quality glossy acrylic, which has a white-backed color graphic printed on vinyl that adheres to the underside of the acrylic, and is instantly recognizable as an American football field. Beyond each endzone are the play result zones which determine the outcome of each play depending on where the puck lands.

The field is elevated by 1/8” so that it can be determined when a hanger (or touchdown) is achieved. The flat smooth surface is perfect for sliding the shuffleboard style puck and allowing for a quick return from your opponent so you can run plays quickly. The result is lots of game action with limited game interruptions.

Playing Surface

The playing surface of Fozzy Football was designed with the mechanics of shuffleboard in mind. The high-quality laser cut surface is perfect for smoothly sliding the puck easily and accurately across the board. The board is gorgeous to look at and the zone indicators are easy to read.

Field Zones

Field Zones

Each end of the football field is marked with precise play result zones for both the Home team and Away team. These zones determine the result of play (puck slide) depending on where the cross-hairs target of the puck land.

The results can be very positive including:

  • 12 Yard Pass
  • 16 Yard Pass
  • 20 Yard Pass
  • 6 Yard Run
  • 10 Yard Run
  • 14 Yard Run

Or they can even be disastrous if your puck lands on an Interception or Fumble.

Penalties are also represented in the play result zones and include common penalties found in typical football such as:

  • Illegal motion (minus 5 yards)
  • False start (minus 5 yards)
  • Holding (minus 10 yards)
  • Personal foul (minus 15 yards)

Other play results include:

  • No gain
  • Incomplete Pass
  • 2 Yard Run
  • 6 Yard Run
  • 10 Yard Run
  • 4 Yard Pass
  • 8 Yard Pass

The board is clearly marked making it extremely easy to quickly determine the result of each play (puck slide). You simply look at the cross-hair/target center on the top of the puck and determine which zone it landed in.

The ease of this process allows the game to move quickly and keep both players engaged as possession of the ball (puck) generally goes back and forth at a good pace.

Game Puck

Fozzy Football Puck
It’s a touchdown!!! (A hanger!)

The game puck is the most important piece of Fozzy Football and without it, you can’t play! The game puck is a circular sphere made of 303 stainless steel with a glass top and includes two lines that form a crosshair target.

It is a weighted piece and you can really feel the extra weight of all 2.08 ounces when you are holding it in your hand. The puck also has a felt bottom covering which allows it to slide smoothly and evenly across the game board.

It takes some time to get used to sliding the puck at just the right velocity to get it to land in the play result zones or even to get a hanger (touchdown), but after a few games, sliding the puck effectively becomes almost second nature.

Player Pieces

Players Pieces

The player pieces included with Mini Fozzy Football allow players to make the game more difficult once achieving hangers and scoring consistently becomes too easy. Each player piece is made of 304 stainless steel and weighs 2.26 ounces. They are also weighted like the game puck, but include green felt discs on the top and bottom as well as a plastic replica football player on top. There are 6 player pieces included in the game (3 for each team) and they are painted in contrasting team colors.

The players can opt to use one, two, or all 3 player pieces in a Fozzy Football game. The pieces can be strategically placed on the board by the team that does not have possession of the ball to make it more difficult for the team with the ball (puck) to score or land the puck in a positive play result zone.

This can even the playing field if two players are not at the same skill level or can just make the game more challenging for expert level players. Some championship players may even elect to add a fourth player piece to the field, but the additional player pieces would have to be purchased separately.

Phone App Scoreboard

The phone app for Fozzy Football can be downloaded for free at the Apple or Google Play Stores. The app is necessary to keep track of the following information while you are playing the game:

  • The Score (Home Team vs Away Team)
  • The time remaining in the game (Games are 15 minutes long)
  • The line of scrimmage (where the ball is on the football field)
  • The result of each play (which is entered by the player with possession of the ball)
  • Down and distance (to get a first down)
  • Timeouts remaining (each team gets 2 timeouts)

A handy phone holder is also included to hold your phone so that each player and any spectators can always see the score and all of the other important information listed above.

Fozzy Scoreboard

To start the game, you simply open the app, select a Casual or Competitive game, and then push Start!  Once you push start, the Scoreboard show up on your phone screen and it looks like a real stadium scoreboard!

But the best part of the Fozzy Football scoreboard is the Public Address Announcer! It sounds just like someone you would hear at football game in person! As each play result is entered into the scoreboard, the PA announcer belts out the results with an enthusiastic bellow. This, and the simulated crowd noise, really enhance the gameday experience as you are playing.

Measurements and Weight

The board base is 19.5 inches wide by 39 inches long. The 1/8-inch elevated acrylic field is 16 inches wide by 35 inches long and there is a 1.5-inch space at each end for the puck to fall harmlessly into as well as a 1.875-inch space on each side of the field.

Although the board is a decent size, it can still fit nicely on most portable tables, a kitchen table, or any other flat surface. The board is only one inch tall, so it is not bulky and can fit in any car trunk or back seat.

The puck and the player pieces are 1.25 inches in diameter and can be easily carried in any small bag. The puck weighs 2.08 ounces and is made of 303 stainless steel. Each player piece weighs 2.26 ounces and they are made of 304 stainless steel. They are light to pick up but weighted so you really have to give them a good push when sliding them across the board.

Fun Facts!

Fozzy Football is a completely unique game that was thought up and created by Steve Braun in his garage in California!

His company, Omnibron Inc., sells and distributes all of the Fozzy Football game boards and accessories to excited fans all over the country!

A typical game can be played in 20 minutes or less and is adaptable to all skill levels. The mini version is portable so you can take it almost anywhere and enjoy a competitive game of Mini-Fozzy Football. 

Assembly and Installation

One of the great features of the Mini-Fozzy Football game is that there is literally no set-up required. All you need is to download the Fozzy Football app one time on your smartphone, find a level place to put the board, and you can begin playing!

Warranty and Returns

Everything included with your Fozzy Football game set has a one year warranty against defects and can be exchanged at no cost. There is also a 30-day return policy which allows you to send the game back if you are unhappy with it for any reason for a full refund. More information regarding the warrant and returns can be found at the Omnibron website.


There is not much maintenance required to keep your Fozzy Football board in great playable shape. However, it is important to regularly use the Shuffleboard Silicon Spray that is included if you are going to play with any serious frequency.

It is highly recommended that you use the spray and wipe down the acrylic game surface with a microfiber pad/cloth after every 15 – 20 game sessions to keep the board clean and keep the puck moving easily across the board.

For best results, spray the silicone onto a microfiber cloth and let it dry for about two minutes. Then wipe down the acrylic game surface entirely. You can re-apply the spray as needed in order to maintain consistent gameplay.

It is also not a good idea to leave the game sitting out in the extreme heat/sun for extended periods of time or out in wet conditions as the board could become warped or start to come apart.

Pros and Cons


  • Enjoy the fun and excitement of NFL style Football
  • Easy setup
  • Portable and can be played on any flat surface
  • Easy to learn (even if you don’t understand football)
  • Competitive Games
  • Fun to replay over and over since every game is different
  • Adjustable for all skill levels
  • Interactive scoreboard via the free phone app
  • A full game can be played in 20 minutes or less
  • Game pieces provide additional strategic options for advanced players
  • Silicon spray and handy phone holder are now included


  • Game results and game stats cannot be saved in the game tracker app (although this feature is coming!)
  • Carrying case is not available
  • Play results have to be manually entered into the phone tracker app (unlike the full-size Tournament version)
  • No rules to give the home team “home-field advantage.”

Conclusion and Rating

My Rating: (4.5/5)
Fozzy Game Board
If you are looking for a game of skill that the entire family can play which also adds the thrills of American football, then the Mini-Fozzy Football game is your game of choice.

From the eye-catching field to the interactive scoreboard tracker, you are immersed in a realistic football simulation that uses your shuffleboard skills to produce real football results!

Since you can set up the board on any flat surface, this game can be played practically anywhere and its fast-paced and addictive game action will keep you hooked for hours of non-stop fun! The ability to adjust gameplay based on your skill level means you can always keep the games competitive so that everyone has a chance to win.

The best new football board game to come along in quite a while, Mini-Fozzy Football is entertaining, challenging, and just plain fun! This game is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family during football season or to help pass the time while you are waiting for the next football season to start.