Triumph Fire ‘N Ice Air Hockey Table Review

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The Fire ‘N Ice air hockey table by Triumph is feature-packed and loaded with a powerful motor, a large playing surface, and air hockey table dimensions that make it perfect for homes short on space. This model is not quite full-sized, but it’s perfect for older kids who have outgrown their tabletop air hockey table.

Blue and red lights can be found throughout the table, and add to a game’s excitement, especially if the kids want to play a challenging match in the dark. The accessories including the puck and strikers also light up, so once the lights are out, the kids will have a blast watching the glowing puck shoot across the table’s surface.

Our Verdict: In terms of size, this table is the next step up from a standard tabletop model, but it also comes loaded with some great feature that gives it an arcade-style table feel, such as the LED strikers and puck, electronic scoreboard, a powerful motor, and a smooth playing surface. While this table is not portable, it won’t take up as much floor space as a full-sized table.

In fact, the table’s design is perfect for older kids, however, parents can also join in on the fun. The bright LED lights found throughout the table will allow you to shut the lights off for a fun, brightly lit game of air hockey in the dark. The table can’t compare to a full-sized model, but it’s a great compromise if you’re on a tight budget or you simply don’t have the space needed for a traditional arcade-style table.

Overview and Features

If you don’t have a dedicated game room in your home, then you probably don’t have enough space for a traditional arcade-style air hockey table, and most homes don’t. This table is not a full-sized model, but it’s a step up from a small tabletop model that is designed for younger children. This table is a great choice for older kids, however, it’s also tall enough for some adults to join in on the action. The larger design takes away from the table’s portability, but considering it’s still significantly smaller than a full-sized model, it will work well in homes that are short on space.

This model is loaded with bright LED lights so, you can shut off the lights in the living room and enjoy the same type of arcade air hockey experience you and the kids love. The table itself has a sturdy feel, complete with cross braces on the legs, which are designed to prevent the table from rocking or moving during gameplay. While it may not be a full-sized table, it does come loaded with many of the same features including an electronic scorer, a powerful motor, and solid construction.

Triumph Fire ‘N Ice Air Hockey Table

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Blue and red LED lights
  • LED puck and strikers
  • Durable design
  • Electronic scorer
  • Low price
  • Perfect size for older kids


One of the most eye-catching features the table has to offer is its wide variety of LEDs that can be found throughout the table. Not only will each goal light up once a player sinks a shot, but the scorer is also brightly lit, so both players can easily keep track of the score. Most players can agree that this table is even more fun to play on with the lights out. Each corner of the table will also light up whenever a player scores a goal.

Red and Blue Teams

The table’s theme is fire and ice. The fact that it has a theme at all gives the table an arcade-style feel.

To keep to the table’s theme, players can choose the fire or ice side of the table. Fire is red, while ice is blue. The table comes loaded with red and blue graphics. The lights in each corner of the table will light up red or blue, based on which team sunk the shot.

The lights definitely add to the action and can make it feel like you’re playing on an arcade-style table.


This package includes one LED puck and two LED strikers, one striker is blue, while the other is red. Unfortunately, the package only comes with a single puck, however, you can order extra accessories, including a replacement puck, straight from the manufacturer.


The table features four cross braces designed to improve the table’s stability and durability during gameplay. These braces will prevent the table from rocking or moving during a game. The table has a very solid feel to it and weighs in at just under forty pounds. As you can see, it’s not the most portable table designed for kids, but it does feature a compact build, so it won’t take up too much floor space.


This model features a compact design when you compare it to a traditional sized model, but that’s not exactly a drawback for parents who are looking for a table that won’t take up a lot of space in the home.

This is one of the best air hockey tables for kids. Its compact, durable design is perfect for older kids, while parents will appreciate the compact design that won’t take up too much floor space. The table measures in at fifty-four inches long, twenty-seven-inches wide, and thirty-one inches tall.


The included motor is powerful enough to easily propel the puck across the surface of the table. However, you’ll need to stay on top of routine maintenance to avoid dead spots in the table’s surface and built-up dust from causing the puck to slow down by preventing the air from the blower from moving through the perforated surface.


The table should be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth, once weekly to prevent dirt, debris, and dust from clogging the holes in the table. If you’ve noticed that the motor isn’t helping the puck glide across the table at the same rate it normally does, then this is a good indication that some of the holes in the table’s surface have become clogged. If wiping the table down doesn’t fix this issue, then you made need to use toothpicks to unclog each of the holes in the table’s surface.


This table’s eye-catching design will take you right back to your days as a kid, spending the afternoon playing match after match of air hockey. Now, you can bring some of that same magic into the comfort of your own home.

The table is well-built and will remain solidly in place, even during intense gameplay. The lights definitely add to the playing experience. Shutting the lights off will add to the excitement. The bright red and blue lights give the table an arcade-style air hockey feel, which both parents and kids will love. Since it’s not a full-sized table, it’s better suited for kids, however, adults can also join in on the fun, if they don’t mind hunching over the table.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Blue and red LED lights
  • Puck and two strikers included
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Durable
  • Four-cross braces for improved stability
  • Low price


  • Not designed for adults
  • Only comes with one puck
  • Not portable

Triumph Versus GYMAX Air Hockey Table, Electric Air Powered Hockey

The competing model by Gymax is roughly the same size, but doesn’t offer the same type of brightly lit gaming experience that the Fire ‘N Ice model offers. However, it does come equipped with a powerful motor and blower system and is made out of PVC and MDF materials, for improved durability.

It also features an LED electronic scoreboard, which will accurately keep track of the game, but in terms of lights and an arcade-style feel, that’s about it. Both tables are offered at a comparable price, but if you’re looking for a model that offers more of an arcade feel, then I would stick with this table by Triumph.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This model offers bright lights and tons of action, which is what most air hockey lovers are looking for. But, if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a traditional sized table or a model that will take up an entire room in the home, then this model is a great alternative and one that won’t hit your wallet too hard.

The Fire ‘N Ice air hockey table by Triumph is loaded with bright red and blue LED lights, a lit electronic scoreboard, and LED strikers and puck. It’s not a full-sized table, so it’s not designed for adult use, however, it’s perfect for older children. The light-up goals and corners of the table will allow you to shut off the lights and let the kids enjoy a fun, fast-paced game of air hockey in the dark. Well-built, and stable, this table is a great option if you don’t have the space for a full-sized table and the kids have outgrown their tabletop model. I gave this table a rating of four and a half out of five stars.