Ignat Games Professional Dartboard Set Review

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Ignat Games brings you the Ignat Games Professional Dartboard, also referred to as the Assassin Elite Pro, one of the best dartboards out there for the serious dart player. This model comes with all the bells and whistles you could want in a pro-quality bristle board, with a design that aims to help you improve your score and train like a maniac. If you’re looking for the right setup, one that can help you focus on and achieve your throwing goals, then this dartboard by Ignat is the model you’ve been looking for.

Our Verdict
The Assassin Elite Pro bristle dartboard scored well with players of all skill levels. With just one look you can tell the board features the type of high-quality design needed for regular use. The dense sisal fibers, staple-free design, movable ring, and ultra-thin spider give players every advantage. The board is designed to help boost a player’s performance and score and it does just that, with the addition of well-made brass darts. If you’re looking for a new board for your business, rec room, office, or man cave, this premium board by Ignat delivers.

Overview and Features

Want a dartboard that can help boost your performance and score? Do you need a dartboard that’s similar to the ones the pros use, so you can train for an upcoming tournament? This model by Ignat may be the solution. This latest model, known as the Assassin Elite Pro, comes with some nice design elements that can minimize bounce outs and allow you to focus on your throwing skills like the pros.

Like competing boards, such as the Winmau Blade 5 dartboard, this model is made out of high-quality sisal fiber, which features a self-healing design that will keep your board looking great year after year. Boards that are made from low-quality sisal fiber tend to wear out faster and lack the density needed to hide holes and flattened areas. Not with this board by Ignat. The board is durable, well-built, and quality all the way.

The board’s surface is made out of premium Kenyan sisal, which has a reputation for being the toughest, most durable sisal fiber out there. The sisal fiber allows a dart to penetrate the surface of the board, easily, but the tough fibers will heal rapidly, as soon as the dart is removed.

Ignat Games Professional Dartboard Set

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Durable
  • Dense sisal fibers
  • Movable number ring
  • Easy to install
  • Staple free design
  • Ultra-thin spider
  • Premium design
  • Great for professionals and beginners


This is one massive bristle dartboard. The board measures in at 18”x1.5”. According to dart rules, this is a regulation-size board, which makes it perfect for training purposes. The board has some nice heft to it, so you can tell the board is well-made as soon as you take it out of the box. The size and durability of this board can make it a great choice for dart tournament use, or for buyers who need a board to add to their business or office. Of course, this board will also be a great addition to a family rec room, living room, or your man cave.


The manufacturer’s goal was to create a board that made it easier for a player to throw and land a shot without their darts bouncing off the surface of the board. They achieved this with the Pro by utilizing a staple-free design. A staple-free design prevents a dart from accidentally hitting a staple and sliding off the board. Now, you can focus on your shots and not worry about the board’s features negatively impacting your performance.

Spider Design

A traditional spider, one that you’ll find on older and lower-quality newer models, can be thick and often gets in the way of a good shot. Ignat decided to combat this common problem by using a wire that’s thinner, so nothing will get in the way of you making even the most difficult shot.

The innovative thinner spider design increases the scoring area of the board by 15%. Like the staple-free design, a thinner spider can also prevent a dart from bouncing off the surface of the board. The ultra-slim wire is 65% thinner than the wire commonly used on competing boards.

Movable Number Ring

One thing many of the leading boards lack is a number ring that you can rotate. The ability to rotate the ring will prevent players from hitting the same spots on the board over and over again. Even considering the tough sisal fiber the board is made out of, the board will begin to show serious signs of wear and tear as player after player hits the same spots. By rotating the board, you can balance out the spaces on the boards that are commonly hit, so the board won’t wear out quickly in certain spots. This is a huge deal and a great design that will give you more use out of your board.


If you’re buying the best bristle dartboard then you better make sure you’re using darts that offer a similar performance. Unlike other manufacturers that include mediocre stock darts in their sets, Ignat includes a set of top-of-the-line brass steel top darts. This set of six darts is high-quality, well-balanced, and feels nice and light. The darts come equipped with three red flights and three blue fights. You can also expand your dart set by purchasing more directly from the manufacturer.


The board comes with its own mounting hardware, which you can install in under ten minutes. The fast and simple installation is thanks to the quality mounting hardware and the detailed instructions.

Free eBook

If you want to get the kids interested in playing darts, then you’ll want to take advantage of the included free eBook titled “35 Ways to Play Darts”. The eBook contains a wide range of scoreboard templates, useful illustrations, and a ton of exciting dart games that the whole family will love.


One of the biggest drawbacks of this dartboard is its lack of a cabinet. While you can certainly purchase a dartboard cabinet separately, for the price, the manufacturer should’ve included a cabinet to protect the board from dirt, dust, and potential damage.


All sisal fiber boards will require regular dartboard maintenance to prevent dirt and debris from impacting game play and to keep the board looking great. If you play darts often, then you should wipe down the board once a week, especially since this model doesn’t come with a cabinet to keep the board’s surface safe and clean. During this time, you should also rotate the number ring to prevent signs of excessive wear on certain spots.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Free eBook
  • Staple-free design
  • Ultra-thin spider
  • Dense sisal fiber material
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Moveable number ring


  • Does not come with a cabinet
  • Does not include extra dart tips

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set dartboard is durable, carefully designed, can help boost your scores, and is a great choice for beginners and pros alike. The board is made out of high-quality Kenyan sisal fibers that offer unsurpassed durability. The board’s surface possesses ideal density that will ensure your board lasts year after year. The density of the sisal fibers combined with the movable number ring will prevent serious wear and tear and can keep your board looking great and lasting longer than competing models. This board earned a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.