GYMAX 54″ Air Hockey Table Review

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The Gymax air hockey table is designed for older kids, teens, and adults. This isn’t a full-sized table, but it’s large playing surface, combined with its powerful air blower system offers the same type of arcade style game play the kids love. The table itself features a fairly simply design, without any flashy lights. However, this model does come with an electronic scoreboard, pucks and strikers, and a durable design that prevents the table from wobbling or rocking during use. the table isn’t loaded with a flashy LED light system, but it does come with a tough blower system, clean, colorful graphics, and an easy assembly process, which is a huge plus for any parent.

Our Verdict

This air hockey table by Gymax comes with all the accessories you’ll need to get started playing as soon as the table is assembled. The assembly process is a breeze, thanks to the well-written instructions that included step by step guidance, complete with pictures. The table’s leg levelers will allow you to raise or lower the table, based on the height of the players, or if the table is placed on an uneven surface.

 The table’s clean design gives it the appearance of a mini hockey rink, while the included blower system is powerful enough to cleanly and smoothly cause the puck to glide across the surface. This table is a great buy for the family that’s in search of a reasonably priced, solidly built, air hockey table that’s equipped with a space-saving design, colorful graphics, and an electronic scoreboard.

Overview and Features

Gymax is known for their extensive line of hockey tables designed for players of all ages. This is one of the best air hockey tables in this price bracket. It’s well-built, won’t shake or wobble during use, and comes with two score tracking options.

If you’re looking for a table that can provide a gaming experience that’s similar to the full-sized tables at the local arcade, and a model that’s large enough for both kids and adults, then this model is worth a closer look. The large, smooth surface comes complete with colorful red, white, and blue graphics, which give the table the appearance of a mini hockey rink. If you loved air hockey as a kid and want to introduce this game to the kids, teach them the basic air hockey rules, and show them some great trick shots, then this is a perfect table for kids of all ages, thanks to the highly adjustable design.


Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Durable
  • Powerful blower system
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Easy assembly
  • Low price
  • Full leg panels


This table is not portable, but considering it weighs in at just thirty pounds, you can move it from room to room or store it away when not in use. The table measures in at fifty-four inches long, twenty-seven inches wide, and thirty-two inches tall. As you can see, the compact design won’t take up too much floor space, but it also offers a playing surface size that’s perfect for both kids and adults. Before you buy, take careful measurements of the space you have available in the home to ensure you have enough space to accommodate this table. Also keep in mind that there must be an additional two feet of space on each end of the table, which will allow players to move around freely.

Blower System

The table features a twelve volt DC motor, complete with an adapter. The blower system provides steady airflow through the perforated surface. The smooth airflow reduces friction between the table and puck, allowing the puck to easily glide over the surface of the table.


This model comes with a four panel leg design, for increased durability and stability during use. This design prevents the table from shifting and shaking during use. Additionally, the table is made out of PCV and MDF material, which further improves safety and durability. The thick MDF material is definitely a step up from competing models which feature a design that consists of thin plastic.


When you’re playing a challenging game with a friend, you don’t have time to keep track of the score. This accurate LED electronic scoreboard will keep track of goals, or you can use the included slide manual scorer.

Assembly and Maintenance


The included instructions manual comes with detailed steps for each part of the assembly process. Each step also features an image, so the assembly process is fast and easy. You can expect to spend approximately twenty to thirty minutes putting the table together.

Routine maintenance is required to prevent dust, dirt, and debris from clogging the perforated surface of the table, blocking airflow. The table should be dusted and wiped down weekly, or if you notice a dip in the blower system’s performance. Dead spots can also occur. These dead spots are areas on the table where the air is unable to penetrate the surface. For dead spots, you can use a toothpick to unclog the holes in the surface.


The leg levelers will allow you to raise or lower the table based on the height of the players or the type of surface the table is placed. The levelers make the table appropriate for kids of all ages. Additionally, if the table is placed on an uneven surface, you can use the leg levelers to accommodate the slope and ensure the table is perfectly level during use.

Leg Panels

The full leg panel supports provide extra stability, so the table remains firmly in place during use. The addition of the panels will also ensure the table lasts year after year, unlike lower-priced tables that are equipped with a basic leg design that doesn’t come with this type of extra support.


If you’ve ever wanted to host your own air hockey competition with the family, this budget-friendly model delivers. It’s compact fifty-four inch playing surface is perfect for smaller homes, since it won’t have the same type of space requirements that a full-sized table does. The included blower system is one of the table’s best features.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find this type of high-quality, powerful blower system on other models in this price bracket. The steady airflow will allow the puck to glide across the playing surface, quickly and smoothly. You can use the included leg levelers to lower or raise the table, based on the height of the players. So, if you have younger children, lower the table to the correct height, then raise it to its full height for a fun game with your friends. The table allows you to choose from a manual scorer or the electronic scorer.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Durable
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Large playing surface
  • Powerful blower system
  • Low price
  • Easy assembly


  • Not portable
  • Scoreboard wires are very short, which can make it difficult to attach to the table securely

Gymax Versus Portzon Electric Air Powered Hockey, Foosball Table Indoor Sports Gaming Set

The competing table by Portzon is a compact, tabletop style model that’s perfect for younger kids. It’s lightweight, compact design also makes it highly portable, so you can take it with you on vacation, store it away in a closet or under the bed at the end of the day, or bring it outside during warmer weather. The included strikers and pucks are very small, however, their size is perfect for smaller hands. This is a very kid-friendly model, but adults will have a difficult time grasping the strikers.

The Gymax model is more versatile in terms of who can use this table. The adjustable leg levelers allow both kids and adults to join in on the fun. additionally, it comes with a powerful blower system, while the competing model comes with a very small built-in fan that does a decent job of propelling the puck across the table’s surface. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t have any available space in the home to accommodate a larger air hockey table, then I recommend the compact tabletop model. However, if you’re looking for a table that can be used by both the kids and adults, then stick with this model by Gymax.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

gymaxThis table is easy to assemble and offers large playing surface that will give users a taste of arcade-style air hockey. The table’s compact design can also save plenty of floor space, while the electronic scorer will accurately keep track of who’s in the lead. This Gymax air hockey table may not come loaded with bells and whistles, but it does features an impressively stable, durable design, an electronic and manual scorer, and a powerful blower system that allows the puck to glide across the surface of the table. The price is also right, so it’s a great choice for the family on a tight budget. I gave this table a rating of four and a half out of five stars.