Goplus Air Hockey Table Game For Kids Review

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Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table for kids

The Goplus air hockey table features a save-spacing design that makes it a great choice if you don’t have the room needed to accommodate a full-sized classic arcade style air hockey table. Versatile, fun, stable, and durable, this table offers an eye-catching design that, despite its small stature, will make it the focal point of any rec room.

Our Verdict
If you’re in need of a lightweight model for the kids that you can easily stash in the hall closet when they’re done playing, then look no further. Perfect for younger and older children who love a good game of air hockey, this model’s compact design is built solid. If you’re looking for one of the best tabletop air hockey tables for kids, and one that can handle rough use, this Goplus table fits the bill at a price that’s affordable. Keep reading to learn why this air hockey table scored well with the whole family!

Overview and Feature

Air hockey tables designed for kids need to be durable, easy to use, and loaded with some great extras such as an electronic scoreboard and extra pucks. They also have to be very durable, especially if you have older children. This table fits somewhere in the middle. It’s well-built, but not quite as durable as higher priced models. But for the price, most parents will feel that this is a fair tradeoff.

Goplus Air Hockey Table Game For Kids

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table for kids

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Twelve-volt motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Low price

Even though it’s not a full-sized arcade air hockey table, it definitely has the same classic look and appeal. This is a table designed to provide the same level of entertainment that its larger counterpart can, but it won’t take up the whole rec room while doing it.

Parents are usually hesitant to invest in a larger, higher priced air hockey table, worried that their children will quickly lose interest. If your child needs a table that offers more variety than this Goplus model can offer, then we recommend the Hathaway BG1157M Rapid Fire  Air Hockey Multi-Game Table. The Rapid Fire table allows kids to also play traditional hockey and soccer using the table’s included targets. It’s a fun multi-game table that can provide your kids with the variety they need, however, this model by Goplus earned a better rating for portability and durability.

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The table is made out of durable MDF for ultimate durability. This is a forty-two-inch air hockey table that’s designed with space in mind. You can leave it out in the family room permanently, or put it away when not in use. The compact design is one of its biggest selling points. If you can’t afford or accommodate a full sized table, this model is the perfect alternative.


The table weighs in at just under eighteen pounds, which is what makes it so portable. It’s also very travel-friendly, so you can take this table with you on vacation or when you travel. The compact lightweight design enables users to store the table in the corner or in a small closet when not in use. Parents will love the space-saving design.


The table comes loaded with a twelve volt DC motor, which is decent for the size. The motor is what powers the included blower and provides just the right amount of air blowing power to enable the puck to float smoothly across the surface of the table.


This package comes with two strikers, two pucks, an electronic scorer, and a couple of sliding scorers for scorekeeping. Basically, this package includes everything you’ll need to start playing right away.

Since the pucks that come in this set are around half the size of a traditional air hockey puck, we recommend ordering extra pucks directly from the manufacturer since they can be easy to misplace.


There are quite a few pieces to this table. Fortunately, the included instruction manual offers a detailed list of steps complete with images. So you’ll be guided through each step of the assembly process. Assembly usually takes approximately thirty to forty minutes.



A table designed for kids, it doesn’t perform like a full sized table, but it does offer hours of entertainment for the kids. The table will rock slightly during a fast-paced game, but overall, the design is solid and considering the lightweight design, the table is much sturdier than we expected.

Weighing just under eighteen pounds, this is the most solid table you’ll come across, but considering the price, we still felt that it was a steal. If portability is a priority for you and you want a table you can put away once the kids are done with it for the day, then this table is a great buy.

This table will teach your kids the basics of air hockey and can be a great source of entertainment on a rainy day or when you’re spending a weekend at grandma’s house. You can also easily dismantle the table for transport.

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Goplus Air Hockey Table Game For Kids Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Twelve-volt motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Low price


  • Lightweight design may make the table a poor choice for older children

Conclusion and Rating

Goplus Air Hockey Table Game For Kids

Air Hockey Geek Product Rating As Of April, 2024: (4.5/5)

Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table for kidsThe Goplus is the type of air hockey table that features a design that’s perfect for younger players. The table will allow your kids to enjoy their favorite arcade in the comfort of their own home and for a price that won’t break the bank. The compact design is a huge plus for parents, allowing for easy transport and storage. We gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.


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Goplus Portable Air Hockey Table Game For Kids Review
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