Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard Review

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The Fat Cat Mercury electronic dartboard features a compact, durable design, an ultra-thin spider, and a wider catch ring that makes it easy to score and perfect your throwing skills. This is the best dartboard for players who are looking for an electronic model that offers a portable design, tons of games, and one that can accommodate up to eight players at once.

Our Verdict
The board features a compact, durable design that makes it highly portable. The cabinet includes plenty of storage space, so you can keep your darts and tips neatly stored and easily accessible. The scoreboard can accurately track your score and the scores of up to eight players at a time, easily. Additionally, the game’s control panel allows you to choose from 28 games and 167 game variations, or you can adjust the difficulty level of a game if you’re playing against the computer. This board basically comes with all of the great extra features that the beginner or seasoned dart player will love.

Overview and Features

Electronic dartboards offer a different playing experience, compared to sisal fiber dartboards. With an electronic board, you can expect a scorekeeper feature, game options, and soft-tipped darts instead of the standard steel point darts. With the Mercury, the manufacturer went above and beyond to design a dartboard the whole family will love. This model includes plenty of bells and whistles players of all skill levels will love, including a variety of games, a scoreboard that can accurately track your score in real-time, and a set of soft tip darts.

This board is a great choice if you love to play darts with seven of your friends, or if you’re looking for a board that can help you train. The board allows you to play against the computer, which will help you perfect your throws so you can easily outscore your friends the next time you play. It also offers a durable design and the latest features in electronic dartboard technology.

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Built-in storage
  • Includes six soft tip darts and six extra tips
  • Includes 28 games and 167 game variations
  • Large display
  • Five difficult levels to choose from
  • Multi-player game modes
  • Comes with mounting hardware


This compact board measures in at 13.5 inches. The target area is made out of durable materials and features concave segment holes that will lock every shot in, for reduced dart bounce outs.


The ultra-thin spider wiring is designed to prevent bounce outs. A thicker wire can interfere with your throws. With a thicker spider, the tip of the dart can hit the wire and slide right off the board. The thinner wire provides a bigger surface area and reduces the chances of you hitting the spider directly.


For the price, most buyers will expect plenty of game variation. Fortunately, the 28 games offer 167 game variations that allow up to eight players to enjoy a challenging round.

The games include count up, round the clock, 01, five variations of cricket, and much more.


Unlike popular competing models, such as the Arachnid Cricket Pro, this electronic dartboard comes with a custom dartboard cabinet, which can add an extra touch of class to your family game room, while protecting the surface of your dartboard from debris and dust, lengthening the lifespan of your board.

The board’s built-in storage will allow you to keep all of your soft tip darts neatly organized and stored. The cabinet is made out of a thick, durable ABS plastic which provides additional protection for your board and can prevent any damage to the board if you keep the doors closed when not in use. The doors feature a wood-like appearance that will easily match the existing décor in your rec room, office, or business.

The cabinet’s doors include built-in slots, which is where you can store up to four sets of darts.


The board comes with six soft tip darts, an AC adapter, mounting hardware, and six extra dart tips. For some, these soft tip darts may feel too light, which can impact a person’s throwing performance. If you have any issues with the weight of the darts, purchasing a new set is an affordable, easy fix.


The cabinet is made out of thick ABS plastic and board segments that are made out of thermal resin, the durability of which can extend the life of your board.

To minimize sound, I recommend placing a piece of cardboard behind the cabinet. This will absorb any noise made from impact, so you can enjoy playing a round of darts without waking up anyone in the home.


The target circles sport a contrasting red and blue color scheme, complete with white and black segments that really make the board pop.

Scoreboard Display

The large digital backlit scoreboard display is located on the cabinet’s inner right door. The display will show the score in real-time, which eliminates the need for you to keep track of everyone’s score while you’re playing. You can play with up to eight players, and the scoreboard can handle keeping track of everyone’s scores effortlessly.

The scorekeeper will also display a player’s average score per round or per dart. This way, a player is able to accurately track their progress over time.

On the control panel, the display will show the score of two players who are playing against each other, so essentially, you’ll get a computer referee with this model.

Control Panel

What makes this one of the best electronic dartboards on the market is the top-of-the-line control panel. On the control panel, you’ll find eleven buttons that will control settings such as scoring options, cricket, miss/double, language, sound, and allow you to choose which game you want to play.

Playing Against the Computer

While playing with your buddies can be a lot of fun, if you don’t have anyone to play with, or you’re training for an upcoming dart tournament, then you can play against the computer. You can choose from five different skill levels, so you can adjust the settings based on your skills, progress, and playing goals.


In terms of dart maintenance, the durable ABS plastic is heat resistant and lightweight, so maintenance is pretty simple, just dust and wipe down the cabinet.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Built-in storage
  • Includes six soft tip darts and six extra tips
  • Includes 28 games and 167 game variations
  • Large display
  • Five difficult levels to choose from
  • Multi-player game modes
  • Comes with mounting hardware


  • Cabinet doors don’t close properly
  • Darts may feel too light for some players

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

While the Fat Cat Mercury electronic dartboard isn’t perfect, its durable design, accurate scoreboard, game options and variations, and price, will definitely make this dartboard a great addition to any game room or rec room.

This board offers the type of game variety and challenging difficulty level settings that many players are looking for in an electronic dartboard that’s perfect for players of all skill levels. This board earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.