East Point Sports Bristle Dartboard Review

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The East Point Sports bristle dartboard earned a reputation for its dense sisal fiber surface and the overall durability of the board. It’s considered one of the best dartboards for a variety of reasons, but beginners will mainly love it for its low price and the included set of high-quality darts. Seasoned players will appreciate the board’s self-healing surface, which allows you to get more life out of your board, compared to electronic dartboards that tend to show wear and tear faster. In this in-depth review, I’ll take a look at what makes this board so popular, the features it has to offer, and why it earned top marks from players of all skill levels.

Our Verdict
This model by East Point does not disappoint. While the biggest issue with this model is the cabinet doors can be difficult to close, overall, the board itself is quality all the way. The thick sisal fiber surface is self-healing and will keep your board looking new, thanks also to the movable number ring that allows you to rotate the board to spread out the wear and tear. The cabinet itself is beautiful and well-made, despite the issue with the doors. The set of six darts is a nice extra, although the manufacturer should have included a set of replaceable tips. If you’re looking for a durable, pro-quality bristle dartboard, you’ll love what this board by East Point has to offer.

Overview and Features

If you’re shopping around for a new dartboard, but you’re trying to choose between electronic and bristle dartboards, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of a sisal fiber dartboard, aside from its self-healing ability. Unlike an electronic board, this model by East Point is similar to the boards that are used in pro competitions, which makes it a better choice for training purposes. Additionally, this model features high-quality sisal fibers that can keep your board looking new year after year.

East Point Sports Bristle Dartboard

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Includes cabinet
  • Mounting hardware
  • Movable ring
  • Very durable
  • Six steel tip darts
  • Rotating number ring
  • Dense sisal fiber design
  • Staple-free bull


The compression of the high-quality sisal fibers used makes it self-healing. This means that when you remove a dart from the surface of the board, the fibers will move back into place. This will leave the board’s surface looking intact. When a dart strikes the board, it can split the fibers apart instead of creating holes in the fibers themselves or pushing them inward. This usually occurs with low-quality bristle dartboards. With this model by East Point, the dense packing of the fibers will keep the dart in place after impact. This ensures a hassle-free game, ensures proper scoring, and prevents damage to the board.


According to dart rules, this board is regulation size, measuring eighteen inches. This makes the board tournament worthy. When you’re practicing for an upcoming tournament, you need to practice on a regulation-size board. Training consistency is important. Training on different-sized boards than what’s used in a competition can negatively impact your throws. This regulation size board is pro-quality all the way and perfect for training or even tournament use.


If you want a dartboard that can really add some class to your den, game room, or family rec room, then you need a model that comes with its own custom cabinet. This East Point board comes with a beautiful cabinet that’s easy to mount, thanks to the included mounting hardware and instructions.

Not all dartboards come with a cabinet, such as one of the board’s biggest competitors, the Ignat Games Professional dartboard. The lack of a cabinet can be a big drawback for some potential buyers. The best bristle dartboards will come with a cabinet. A cabinet will protect the surface of your dartboard from flying debris, dust, hair, and more. Basically, the cabinet can keep your dartboard looking new, longer. This model comes with a plastic cabinet that encloses the board, protecting the playing surface and also providing some storage space for the included set of darts. The storage slots will keep your darts safe, secure, and easily accessible. The cabinet also includes a couple of chalkboards, so you can easily keep track of the score during a game.


This board comes with pro-quality mounting hardware that’s easy to install, unlike other cabinets on the market that either don’t include the parts or are difficult to put on a wall.

Staple-Free Bull

Some boards feature a stapled bull design. These staples can have a negative impact on your average score. If you throw a dart at the bull and it hits one of the staples, the tip of the dart can slide off the board, causing a bounce out. This board features a staple-free bullseye design, which can help reduce bounce out rates.


The board also comes equipped with a heavy-duty spider that’s also designed to reduce the board’s bounce out rate. This heavy-duty spider consists of thin, yet tough wire, which prevents the tip of the dart from sliding off the board. It also provides more surface space.

Movable Number Ring

One of the biggest issues with a sisal fiber board, like any other type of dartboard, is signs of wear and tear. Low quality bristle boards will have bald spots or flattened areas. This occurs when you throw a dart at the same spot over and over. This board offers an innovative design that allows you to move the number ring. This will prevent you from hitting the same spot repeatedly, so you can avoid damaged, bald, or flat areas. If you play several times a week, you can rotate the number ring, so you’re spreading out the wear and tear.


Some people will pay a lot of attention to the set of darts that come with a dartboard, but in reality, if you’re not happy with the darts that come with your board, you can purchase the set of your choice separately. It’s an affordable and simple upgrade. This set comes with a set of six steel tip darts, which offer better than average weight and quality. You’ll get three red darts and three blue darts. If you want to expand your dart collection, you can purchase additional darts from the manufacturer.

The darts themselves provide a great playing experience and offer the type of durability and balance that most players are looking for.


Thanks to the cabinet, this model requires very little dartboard maintenance. The cabinet and the surface of the board should be wiped down a couple of times a month. When you’re wiping down the board, make sure you rotate the number ring to prevent any signs of serious wear in the board’s playing surface.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Includes cabinet
  • Mounting hardware
  • Six steel tip darts
  • Rotating number ring
  • Dense sisal fiber design
  • Staple-free bull


  • Cabinet doors can be difficult to close
  • Does not come with extra dart tips

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

With the East Point bristle dartboard, you’ll find that the dense sisal fiber surface offers the type of durability and strength that results in a board that can look great year after year. The cabinet is a beautiful complement to the board and will provide much-needed protection from flying debris, dirt, dust, and more.

Even the included darts are top quality, although the lack of dart tip replacements is disappointing. Overall, this dartboard offers a solid performance and can be a great addition to any home or business. This model earned a rating of four and a half stars out of five.