Mobile phone with foosball app

Top Foosball Apps to Pass the Time

If you love playing a challenging game of foosball on the family foosball table, why not try a fun, competitive match when you’re on the go or unable to play on your table at home? Foosball apps are a great option if you need a little entertainment, but they can also be used as important learning and training tools. In this guide, I’ve included some of the top apps for both Android and iOS devices, […]

Air Hockey Table in a smartphone

My 5 favorite Air Hockey Apps for Android and iOS

When you don’t have access to the best air hockey table, but you’re itching to play a game, you can turn to air hockey apps, which you can find for both iOS and Android devices. These apps can help you get through a boring meeting, long flight, or can keep you entertained on those long car rides. Maybe you’re not normally a gamer, but if you’re a true air hockey fan, then even you will […]