Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill Review

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Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill Review

Want more from your air hockey table than a bunch of sound effects and flashing lights? If stability during use and a solid construction are at the top of your list, then you’ll love what this Brunswick model has to offer.

This eighty-four inch, full-sized air hockey table by Brunswick called the Windchill is all class. Featuring a contemporary design, this affordable model comes loaded with all of the same features you love that you’ll find on any table at your local pool hall or arcade.

Our Verdict
If you’re not looking for a flashy air hockey table and want a model without the distracting bright lights and loud sound effects, a model that focuses on stability and quality instead, then the Windchill is a model that fits the bill. We would highly recommend this model for home use, for the air hockey enthusiast who’s looking for a table that will last for several years to come. Read on to learn more about this popular model by Brunswick.

Overview and Features

Introducing an air hockey table that has a modern clean design that makes it a great choice for any game room.

Not every air hockey enthusiast wants a table that comes with flashing lights and over the top sound effects. While that’s the type of table you’ll commonly run into at any local arcade, there are basic models that focus more on gameplay experience as opposed to flash. This sleek table consists of smooth lines, a durable construction, and a high-gloss finish.

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill

Air Hockey Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill Review

  • Contemporary design
  • High-gloss playing surface
  • Pedestal base design for improved stability
  • Made out of tough MDF
  • Very sturdy
  • Great value for money

This basic, simple air hockey table has the type of classic design that you don’t see much anymore. If you want a table that will work with a room’s décor instead of against it, then the Windchill is a great choice.


This model is powered by a one hundred and fifteen-volt blower system that’s UL certified. The manufacturer claims that this system is powerful enough to prevent dead spots, however, dead spots aren’t often due to a weak fan system. Instead, they’re usually caused by dirt, dust, and gunk that’s clogging up the air holes. To learn more about how to keep your air hockey table clean and working the way it should, click here to read our article on how to clean an air hockey table.


This table is eighty-four inches by forty-two inches, by thirty inches. It weighs in at one hundred and forty-nine pounds, so you know this model is sturdy.


Aside from the popular contemporary design, when it comes down to the bare bones of the table, it features a solid construction that promotes stability and durability.

This table consists of a sturdy pedestal base designed to improve the table’s stability while also working to keep it level. It’s also made out of durable MDF material, which means it can easily handle rough use without rocking or wobbling.

The only issue we came across with the table’s construction involved the walls of the table, which seem a bit low for a full-sized traditional style air hockey table. This can mean if you hit the puck with too much force you can cause it to go flying off the table.

Weighing in at over one hundred pounds, this table is solid. This also means that once you have the table installed, moving it will be difficult. If you don’t have much space at home, then this model can be a tight fit.

Playing Surface

The table’s playing surface is covered with a thick, tough, high-gloss laminate. However, without proper maintenance, the table tends to quickly acquire marks with regular use.

Manual Scorer

Instead of an electronic scorer, this table comes with a dual abacus so each player can keep track of the score, manually. For many, the lack of an electronic scorer will not be a major drawback considering many electronic systems aren’t exactly accurate. The manual scorer also adds to the table’s contemporary charm.


Included are two strikers and two pucks.


The Windchill is covered by a ninety-day product warranty against workmanship and manufacturing defects. For the price, the length of this warranty is disappointing.


This table is perfect for teens and adults. This full-sized model is also regulation size and the exact type of table you’ll find serious air hockey enthusiasts playing on in a tournament. The MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table is one of the Windchill’s top competitors, however, the MD Sports table is four inches smaller, yet it also comes with a more powerful one hundred and twenty-volt blower system compared to the Windchill’s one hundred and fifteen-volt system. But despite the fact that this table features a lower powered blower, we were impressed with the smooth action of the puck as it floated smoothly across the table’s surface.

In terms of design, the table is built solid, which makes it a perfect choice for adults. One of the drawbacks we came across was the fact that the table doesn’t come with leg levelers, a feature that allows users to individually adjust the height of the table’s legs in order to compensate for an uneven surface. Considering the price, the lack of this feature comes as a surprise, but for many air hockey enthusiasts, it’s not a deal breaker.

If you’re looking for a model that comes loaded with more bells and whistles and the popular leg leveler feature, click here to read our buyer’s guide and get an in-depth look at the leading models on the market.

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill Pros & Cons


  • Contemporary design
  • High-gloss playing surface
  • Pedestal base design for improved stability
  • Made out of tough MDF


  • One hundred and fifteen-volt blower system
  • Manual scorer
  • Does not have leg levelers

Conclusion and Rating

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill

Air Hockey Product Rating as of June, 2024: (4.5/5)

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill ReviewThe Windchill by Brunswick is a full-sized air hockey table that features a very basic design. You won’t find any sound effects, flashing lights, or an electronic scorer. Instead, this table features an appealing, classic design that many air hockey enthusiasts will love. Built tough and designed with stability in mind, we gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.


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