Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Multi Arcade Competition Game Table Set Review

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Best choice 4-in-1

This four in one game table by Best Choice products is designed for kids and built to last. This table can provide the kids with hours of entertainment as they go from playing foosball and pool to a fun game of table tennis or air hockey. Most parents hesitate to purchase a game table because they know how quickly their kids can get over playing one game. So, why spend a fortune on a game table the kids will abandon after a month? That’s where this multi-game table comes in. It offers four popular table based game options that all kids will love. It’s a table that’s built with durability in mind, which is something most parents can appreciate, but it also has a variety of games that all kids will love.

Our Verdict

Foosball fans will love this feature-packed table. But not only does it include a foosball playing surface, but kids can also play hockey, table tennis, and billiards. Fortunately, this multi-game table comes with all of the accessories the kids will need to play each of the four games, which is good news for families on a tight budget.

The table itself is rather short, which is why it’s more appropriate for the kids, but the shorter height doesn’t take away from the table’s overall durability. The table itself is well-built, so it won’t slide, wobble, or rock during gameplay. However, even though it’s solidly built, its lightweight design makes it highly portable, so it can be picked up and stored away at the end of the day. This is a big plus for homes that are tight on space. Overall, this is a great table for kids three years of age and up, and it’s one way to keep the kids happy and occupied during the colder months of the year.

Overview and Features

If you’re tired of spending money on expensive toys and games that the kids get bored with in a matter of weeks then you’ll love this table that’s packed with four popular game options that both parents and kids will love. The short stature of the table allows smaller children to partake in the fun. Additionally, the table is light enough for moms and dads to transport it to a storage space at the end of the day if there’s no dedicated space in the home available.

Basically, this is a table that has a game for everyone. It comes loaded with four favorites and includes all the accessories, so parents will pay just one flat fee and not have to worry about running out and buying table tennis balls or pool cues. This table has it all.

Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Multi Arcade Competition Game Table Set

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Best choice 4-in-1 small

  • Four games in one table
  • All accessories included
  • Highly portable
  • Durable
  • ASTM certified for safety
  • Space-saving design

Game Options

It’s pretty rare to come across a model that comes with both pool and foosball, but here we are. Not only can the kids learn how to play billiards or take part in a challenging round of foosball, but the table’s multi-surface options also allow the table to be turned into a table tennis table or an slide hockey table.

It comes loaded with all of the accessories needed for each of these games, which will be a big plus for families on a tight budget.

Each game option comes with its own dedicated playing surface, with the billiard table as the base. If you want to switch from pool to table tennis or hockey, you’ll add the hockey/table tennis surface. The included foosball surface is set on top of the table, and securely locks in place, so you won’t have to worry about it sliding off during an intense match. The foosball attachment comes complete with the traditional setup including knobs and dedicated foosball players. Basically, this table has it all and switching from one game to the next is a fast and easy process that all parents and kids will appreciate.


This table features four solidly built legs that place the table close to the ground, allowing shorter players to join in on the fun. In terms of durability and stability, this table will remain firmly in place as your children go from one game to the next. Unfortunately, the table doesn’t come with leg levelers to adjust the height of the table. However, if mom and dad want to play a round they can simply place the game table on top of a regular-sized table. This table is made out of tough MDF plastic and metal, for improved durability.


The table weighs just thirty-one pounds, which makes it highly portable. If you don’t have room in the home to leave the table out at all times, it can easily be moved from room to room.

This is a huge plus for apartment dwelling families or homes that are tight on space.

The table measures in at thirty-two inches long, seventeen inches wide, and around eight inches tall. When the foosball table playing surface is added it adds eleven inches in height to the table.

Considering the compact design and weight, you can pick up this table and place it in a closet or store it in the garage when not in use. This will be a big selling point for parents who don’t want to leave the table out at all times.

Package Details and Possible Upgrades

Best choice 4-in-1

This set comes with the following accessories:

  • Two pool sticks
  • One pool chalk
  • Foosball table surface complete with players
  • Air hockey table/table tennis playing surface
  • Two ping pong paddles
  • Two ping pong balls
  • Air hockey bumper
  • Billiards surface
  • Billiard balls
  • Net
  • Two foosball soccer balls
  • Two hockey pucks
  • Two hockey strikers
  • Dust brush

As you can see, this package includes all the accessories you need to play foosball, billiards, table tennis, and hockey. However, the hockey playing surface does not have a blower system, so although the manufacturer markets the game as air hockey, it’s actually slide hockey. There is also no scoring system included, which may be a drawback for some users.

Additionally, the small strikers may be difficult for larger children to hang onto. If you need to upgrade the pucks and strikers, be sure to stop by and read my buyer’s guide on the best air hockey pucks and paddles. Despite the fact that the air hockey surface doesn’t have a blower system, it’s still a great way for the kids to work on their playing skills, hand-eye coordination, and game strategies. For playing tips, you can click here to read my in-depth article on how to prepare for an air hockey tournament.


This table is ASTM certified and has undergone testing to ensure quality and safety.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Four games in one table
  • Includes all the accessories needed for each game
  • Lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • Durable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • ASTM certified


  • Not designed for adults
  • Air hockey surface does not include blowers

Best Choice Table Versus Generic 4-in-1 Combo Entertainment Game Table

For some parents, the biggest drawback of this model is the shorter height. A taller table would mean that parents could join in on the fun. While you can easily place this game table on the kitchen table for parent participation, some parents would prefer a table that’s specifically designed for both kid and adult use. The Generic four in one combo table, the top competing model, is much taller, which allows parents to play a fun game against the kids. It comes with billiards, slide hockey, table tennis, and foosball, so you’ll get the same games as this model, but in a table that’s designed for older children and adults.

However, the competing model goes for almost twice the price, yet it will be worth the higher price tag for parents who also want to use the table to play a challenging game with friends. Keep in mind, the competing model is nowhere near as portable as the Best Choice Products game table, so if space is a concern, you’ll want to carefully measure the available space in the home to determine whether or not this model would be a good fit.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Best choice 4-in-1This is one of the best multi-game tables for children three years and up currently on the market. It comes loaded with accessories and four game options including: billiards, foosball, table tennis, and hockey. It’s built tough, so it can withstand heavy use, and the lightweight design makes it highly portable so you can take it from room to room and store it at the end of the day or take it with you on the next family trip to grandma’s house. This versatile table is designed to provide hours of entertainment so you and your family can enjoy your arcade favorites, in the comfort of your home, for a price that won’t break the bank. I gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five.