Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table Review

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If you’re looking for the ultimate addition to your man cave, then this is the table for you. Black, sleek, and modern, this glossy air hockey table will be the focal point of any room. This massive eight foot model by Atomic Avenger features a durable build, an ultra-smooth playing surface, and plenty of style. If you’re in the market for the best air hockey table for adults, a model that can work for challenging air hockey tournaments with the family or friends, and a table that’s well-built and designed to take a beating, then you’ll fall in love with all the features and class this model has to offer.

Our Verdict: This table comes with all the right features, including a high-gloss playing surface, a powerful blower system, an electronic scoreboard, and touchscreen controls. This is a full-sized air hockey table, which means you’ll need to have a large dedicated space. The included leg levelers can be adjusted independently, so the legs can be adjusted if the table is placed on an uneven surface. The included touchscreen controls will allow you to set the length of a match or restart a game.

Unfortunately, the placement of the controls makes it too easy for a player to accidentally brush up against them during a match and restart a game. This can be a big drawback for some potential buyers. The other issue is the playing surface, which seems to be a magnet for scratches. The scratches won’t have an impact on the smoothness of the playing surface, but some can consider them a major eyesore. Overall, the table is well-built, offers a solid performance, and comes with many of the important features that the serious air hockey enthusiast will appreciate.

Overview and Features

If you’re looking for a full-sized table to use to host your air hockey tournaments, then this feature-packed, arcade-style model definitely fits the bill.

The table comes loaded with many of the same features that you’ll find on an air hockey table at your local arcade. It features a powerful blower system, a large playing surface made out of high-gloss MDF, and it comes with some nice extras including a couple of pucks and ergonomic strikers that are comfortable and easy to hold onto.

Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Touchscreen controls
  • High-gloss finish
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Perfect for adults
  • Accessories included
  • Powerful blower system


This table comes with a large, LED automatic electronic scoreboard that’s very accurate, bright, and designed to keep you pumped during an intense match. The colorful scoreboard is eye-catching and gives the table an arcade-style look that most air hockey lovers are looking for.

Blower System

If you’re tired of playing on a table that’s equipped with a weak blower system, then you’ll be impressed with this model’s one hundred and twenty-volt system that allows you to enjoy a smooth, fast-paced game.

Playing Surface

As you already know, the playing surface should be smooth, helping to promote faster sliding action. The table comes equipped with a playing surface that’s made out of high-gloss MDF material, for fast, smooth playing action.


This model measures in at forty-eight inches wide, ninety-six inches deep, and thirty-two inches tall. The table weighs in at three hundred and sixty-two pounds, so moving it will definitely be a challenge. Obviously, a table of this size is going to take up quite a bit of floor space, but if you have a dedicated game room or family room, then this table will be a great addition. Make sure you carefully measure the available space you have to work with, and take into consideration the extra space that will be needed at each end of the table, which will give players the ability to move around during a game.


In a full-sized table, the first thing you’ll want to pay attention to is whether or not the table is solidly built and stable. But the table’s weight will work to ensure that it remains stable and solidly in place during a game. The table also comes with legs that feature a cross-brace design for added support. This design ensures that the table can easily withstand heavy-duty use.

Touchscreen Controls

The included touchscreen controls will allow a player to easily restart a game or switch the scoreboard on or off. The controls can also be used to set the length of a game, for a match that lasts five to fifteen minutes. You can also choose the no time limit option. However, one drawback of these controls is the fact that it can be easy to accidentally brush up against them during a game and restart a game. This can be very frustrating for players, especially if you’re in the middle of some intense action.

Leg Levelers

This model features four five and a half-inch leg levelers, which are independently adjustable. So, if the table is placed on an uneven surface, you can easily adjust the height of the legs to compensate for a sloped floor or uneven surface.


This table is easy to clean and maintain if you stay on top of the upkeep weekly. The biggest issue is the scratches on the surface, which can’t be polished out. Because the surface is black, it makes the scratches stand out a lot more than they would on a white playing surface. This can be a huge drawback for some potential buyers since it can become an eyesore over time. However, scratches on the playing surface is a common issue for every table, the only difference here being that they stand out because of the dark color.

To keep your table looking good, dust it and wipe it down once or twice a week and avoid playing a game if the playing surface is dirty since this can have an impact on the blower system’s performance.


The modern, glossy look is one of the table’s biggest selling points and it will allow the table to seamlessly blend in with your existing decor.

The powerful blower system does an excellent job of shooting the puck across the table, thanks to the addition of the high-gloss smooth playing surface. The table itself is also equipped with end and side rails, so you won’t have to worry about the puck flying off the table. Instead, the rails do an excellent job of keeping the puck securely inside the playing field. The electronic scoreboard is accurate, so you won’t have to worry about keeping score. It will automatically change the score based on which player made the goal, then it will display the score for both players, via LED lights located on the acrylic rails.

The Look

The table features a glossy black acrylic surface and end and side rails. The silver and white legs, paired with the black playing surface give the table a modern, sleek look that will be perfect for a game room or man cave. However, you may find that the playing surface is a magnet for scratches. While this doesn’t have an impact on the quality of a game, it can detract from the appearance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High-gloss finish
  • Powerful blower system
  • Accessories included
  • Leg levelers
  • End and side rails
  • Touchscreen controls


  • Surface is easily scratched
  • Placement of the touchscreen controls can make it easy to accidentally restart a game
  • Cost

Atomic Avenger Versus NHL Powered Air Hockey Table

The competing model, the NHL powered air hockey table, is the perfect man cave air hockey table, especially for the Bruins fan. But aside from the Bruins design, the table itself comes loaded with some great features and allows you to plug in your smartphone and stream music, via the built-in speakers. Like the Atomic Avenger, it comes with an electronic scoreboard, a durable design, and leg levelers.

It also offers four cupholders, storage space, and a design that can withstand plenty of wear and tear from family and friends. This table may be on the pricey side, but it offers the type of durability and smooth playing action that most air hockey fans are looking for. When compared to the Atomic Avenger, it’s slightly smaller, however, it’s still considered a full-size arcade-style table that can offer fast shooting action and the ultimate gaming experience.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Atomic Avenger is a full-sized, arcade-style air hockey table that’s perfect for kids, teens, and adults. It comes loaded with all the same features that you’ll find on the air hockey tables at your favorite arcade, including leg levelers, touchscreen controls, and an electronic scoreboard. While it can definitely take up a lot of floor space, if you’re looking for the classic air hockey experience, then this table has what it takes. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.