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The 10 Best Foosball Tables for Amateur and Pro Players: 2021 Buyer’s Guide!

Having a foosball table will allow you to enjoy one of the world’s favorite table-based games, right from the comfort of your own home. Since foosball can be played by just about anyone, shopping around to find just about any table won’t be the biggest challenge. Actually finding a table that’s solidly built and one that’s made from all of the right materials is the real challenge here. Since there are countless new models coming […]

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Best Foosball Balls: Buyer’s Guide and Top 5 Foosball Balls for 2021

Many foosball players take the game of foosball very seriously. When a foosball fan is shopping for a table, they pay attention to all the details, how smooth the bars roll, the quality of the playing surface, and the overall durability of the table. But what about the foosball balls? This is often a feature that goes overlooked, but if you’re not playing with the best foosball balls, then you’re not getting the most out […]

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The Best Dartboards in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Top Models for Your Game Room!

When it comes to games that are fun to play, engaging, and will bring out the sports spirit in just about anyone – darts is king. It is a dynamic game that can be played both professionally and casually with family and friends. Being easy to install and also quite affordable, dartboards are the centerpiece of most game rooms. In this guide, we will take a closer look at some of the best dartboards for […]

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Best Multi-Game Tables for Kids and Adults – Full 2021 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The best multi-game table should be durable and loaded with all the types of games you and the kids will love. Too often, people purchase a multi-game table for one specific game. But why? There are many more options on the market these days, and these tables are loaded with some of the most popular table-based games around, including billiards, table tennis, hockey, and more. I’ve done my research and found six tables that come […]


Best Electronic Dart Board: Six Killer Boards & the Ultimate 2021 Buyer’s Guide

The electronic dartboard has gained popularity among all types of dart players. These boards can often be found in sports bars, clubs, amusement parks, and sports centers, however, there are also models available for home use, which can be a great addition to the family rec room or your man cave. Since their rise in popularity, there have been many models popping up, making it difficult for those new to the game to find a […]

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Best Glass Chess Sets: Buyer’s Guide and Top 6 Sets

A chessboard is a battlefield where everything a player has learned and practiced about the game of chess is put into action, so when you finally do play, you want to play on the right board. The best glass chess sets are elegant, classic, and display-worthy. These are the boards you can proudly display in your home, but they’re functional as well. If you’re shopping for a new glass chess set, then my buyer’s guide […]

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Best Arcade Cabinet: 2021 Buyer’s Guide and Top 8 Models

The best arcade cabinet can make you feel like you’ve just stepped back in time. By adding one of these cabinets to your game room, you’ll have full access to a wide range of the classic games you know and love, games you used to play at the arcade all those years ago. Many of these machines include dozens or hundreds of games, in a single cabinet. But finding the right cabinet for your home […]


Best Mini Arcade Games: Complete Buyer’s Guide & Top 6 Models in 2021

Mini arcade games can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy playing a retro, classic arcade game at home, gamers on a budget, and anyone who doesn’t have the space needed for a standard-sized arcade cabinet. Mini arcade games don’t offer the same game playing experience that a full-sized arcade cabinet can, but these games are easier to store, transport, and enjoy, especially if you live in a dorm room, townhouse, small […]

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The Best Chess Clocks: Buyer’s Guide & Top 6 Chess Clocks in 2021

These days, chess clocks are considered an integral part of playing chess. If you’re in a bad position, practicing with a chess clock and focusing on improving your time management can help you win or save your game. Chess clocks teach you all about better time management when you’re competing against another player in a tournament environment. The best chess clocks are available in both digital and analog designs. The right clock for you can […]

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Best Gifts And Toys for 1-Year Old Boys

As parents, we all want to find the perfect toys for 1 year old boys, educational toys that will provide entertainment, while encouraging growth and development. Unfortunately, since the market is flooded with educational toys these days it can be tricky to find the right toys that a child won’t quickly lose interest in or outgrow. I’ve created this guide that includes all the must-have engaging and educational toys 1-year old boys are sure to […]

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Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 1-Year Old Girls

Learning through play is a crucial part of any child’s growth and development. Playtime for children allows a child to explore, release extra energy, and learn as they play. Early in development, a child’s mind continues to expand, just by taking in their surroundings and looking at their environment. This guide on the best toys and gift ideas for 1-year old girls will go over the best educational toys on the market that can help […]

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Best Toys for 2-Year Olds – Top Gift Ideas!

By the time a child turns two, they tend to get more excited about playing with friends, or sorting shapes and colors. He or she may even run around riding a tricycle or kicking and throwing balls. Toddlers are very active. If you’re not sure what types of toys your toddler needs, then this guide on the best toys and gifts for 2-year-olds will point you in the right direction and can ensure you purchase […]

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The 10 Best Arcade Games Of All Time Ranked!

Before PC’s and gaming consoles allowed a gamer to play their favorite video games in the comfort of their own home, there used to be arcades all over the country where people of all ages would spend all day, or a long night posted up at their favorite arcade cabinet with a pocket full of quarters. Investing several hours and plenty of quarters, people would try to top a game’s best score and could spend […]

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The Unique And Interesting History of Arcade Gaming

Today’s gaming industry is nothing like what it was just 40 years ago. During the 1980s, it was common to see kids, teens, and adults parked beside an arcade cabinet for the better part of an afternoon, enjoying an intense video game that was only 25 cents to play. Over the years, arcades began to disappear, thanks mainly to the introduction of home gaming consoles, which allowed gamers to play their favorite games for as […]

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How to Play Chess – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Chess is a challenging, complex game that’s built upon a simple foundation. Using the best chess sets, two players will go head-to-head making strategic moves to make a checkmate. Learning the ropes and rules of the game can be challenging for beginners, simply because there are so many rules surrounding which pieces can move where. In this beginner’s guide on how to play chess, I’ll go over the basics of chess, chess strategies, and how […]

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What Are Darts Bounce-Outs And How To Prevent Them?

Playing darts is one of the best ways to have a friendly competition with your loved ones in your spare time. And while darts as a whole have a reasonably flat learning curve, bounce-outs will happen both to beginners and professionals. In this article, we will be looking at what are bounce-outs and how to prevent them. Among the most common reasons for bounce-outs are the following: Before we dive into each of these reasons, […]

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How To Pick The Right Shuffleboard Wax – Useful Tips & My Top 3 Picks

Shuffleboard is a game with a long and rich history that is now becoming quite famous among friends and families. As people begin getting shuffleboard tables for their game rooms, the need for accessories also rises. One of the most essential components of shuffleboard is the table’s wax, also called sand, salt, or cheese. In this article, we will learn how to pick the right shuffleboard wax based on the speed you want and your […]

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Best Chess Sets for Family Use & Competitive Play: 2021 Buyer’s Guide

The game of chess is considered one of the best games you can play to improve concentration and thinking skills. Whether played competitively or just for fun, the game of chess can challenge players of all ages and skill levels and can be a great way to cut down on screen time for the whole family. When it comes to buying the best chess sets, you should purchase one that matches your skill level and […]

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The Rules of Chess – What You Need To Know To Get Started

The rules of chess date back almost 1500 years. The game itself originated in Northern India in 6th century AD, spreading to Persia, Spain, and Southern Europe. Historians say that the moves of the pieces changed in 15th century Europe. The modern chess game begins with these changes. During the 19th century, modern tournament play was created. Chess clock use was implemented in a tournament in 1883 with the first ever chess championship held in […]

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How to Sharpen Your Darts – Top Techniques & Tips!

When start playing darts more and more often, you will probably notice that, with time, the darts start doing more bounce-outs than usual. One of the main reasons for that (apart from hitting the wire) is because your darts have gotten dull. In order to prevent these bounce-outs and improve your scoring, you should keep your darts in top condition. In this article, we will learn how to sharpen your darts properly in order to […]

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Dartboard Maintenance – How To Take Care For Your Darts and Board

Playing darts is never boring and is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends. However, even though most dartboards can withstand thousands of throws, they still need some basic care to prevent them from deteriorating. Not only that, but the darts themselves are also susceptible to wear and tear and will need frequent inspections and repairs in order for them to perform at their best. The proper dartboard maintenance includes doing […]

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How to Become a Professional Darts Player – My Top Tips!

If you love darts, have your own electronic dartboard setup, you’re committed to the game and interested in learning how to become a professional dart player, keep in mind, this isn’t something you can achieve overnight. But if you practice regularly and are determined to go pro, there are some steps you can take to help you reach your goal. In this guide, I’ll go over in the process of becoming a professional darts player, […]

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Cornhole in 2021 – What to Expect?

While many restaurants and businesses have closed their doors due to the pandemic, sports have been hit particularly hard, with many sporting events being postponed until further notice. So, what can we expect from corn hole in 2021? Cornhole boards and bag manufacturers have seen a significant boom in sales since more people are spending time at home. While home cornhole competitions are fun and can bring families together for some much-needed quality time, many […]

How to Choose Toys for Children Based on their Age

How do you choose toys for children based on their age and how do you know you’ve chosen the right ones? Should you choose toys for entertainment purposes only, or should you choose toys that are designed to educate your child? In this guide, I’ll go over how to choose the right toys for your child, toys they will not quickly outgrow, and toys that will nurture their thinking, while challenging them. Beneficial Toys for […]

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How To Wax A Shuffleboard Table The Right Way – Care & Maintenance Tips

Have you ever wondered why are shuffleboard tables so slick and slippery and why does the puck slide so easily on them? Well, on top of an already smooth finish from the factory, shuffleboard tables are sprayed and waxed with special materials in order to maintain their slippery top layer. However, the process of maintaining your table waxed could be a bit difficult if you don’t have the right tools and skills for the job. […]

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History of Shuffleboard – A Unique Journey Through The Game’s Past

Ever since shuffleboard arrived on the coasts of California more than a century ago, it became quite a popular game played at family gatherings and between friends. It is captivating and has lots of variations that all have a common ancestor of a game. But when was it invented, and what is the specific history of shuffleboard? In this article, we will go through the centuries throughout which this game made its way across the […]

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The State of Darts in 2021-The PDC Line-Up & More

As many public dart events all over the world have been canceled, fans have clung to the hope that they will soon be able to see their favorite competitors at the bristle board, making those impossible shots in front of a full arena. However, several of the biggest competitions were canceled last year, due to COVID restrictions. Fans, competitors, and officials are now concerned the game will never be the same. Many of the biggest […]

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Shuffleboard Rules – Learning The Basics!

Shuffleboard is one of the oldest games that has persisted throughout the centuries and is still played nowadays in many places across the globe. In the USA, it has been steadily gaining popularity and is now a favorite game among friends and families. There are also countless official tournaments played across the country each year. All that has lead to more and more people getting into the sport. In this article, we will go over […]

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Top Foosball Apps to Pass the Time

If you love playing a challenging game of foosball on the family foosball table, why not try a fun, competitive match when you’re on the go or unable to play on your table at home? Foosball apps are a great option if you need a little entertainment, but they can also be used as important learning and training tools. In this guide, I’ve included some of the top apps for both Android and iOS devices, […]

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10 Awesome Pool Tips for Beginners!

In our times, new sports emerge constantly and old ones lose their fame and glory. However, there are some sports such as pool, darts, ping pong, and a few others that retain their fame and are captivating the young generations’ attention. If you’re new to pool, though, there are going to be tons of things to learn in order to start consistently winning. The pool tips for beginners in this article are the essential tools […]

Table Tennis

Basic Table Tennis Techniques You Should Learn

To play table tennis, you need the right equipment, including a ping pong table, paddle, and balls. But to win, you need to know the basic table tennis techniques to use, such as power serves, and defensive and offensive strategies, so you can smash the competition and dominate any match. In this guide, I’ll cover all the information you need to know, so you can handle yourself like a pro during your next family ping […]